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  1. Thanks for ur help.I am in detroit. yes we can get the DVd from changer, but can not get that from RES like in factory installed. Also we are more interested in getting that nav to back screen as kids are more intersted in nav than DVD. I was wondering that wire might be there (there might be a wiring harness which at one side is conneted to head unit of nav system and other side connected to RES). If that is the case, all we have to do is to connect them.......
  2. We recently bought a 2004 LX 470. The DVd was installed by the dealership and not by the company itself. In the company installed DVD, you can watch DVD in the front while you are parked and also you can view Navigation on the rear screen. But I cant do either of them. I am really interested in transmitting navigation to rear screen. I need help on how to do it. Also do these (the one in which the DVD was not installed at factory) have been prewired so that if DVd is installed later on , you just hook on the connector or we have to run a fresh wire from the head unit to the rear DVD. Its a mark levinson navigation / audio with blue tooth Thanks in advance for the help