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  1. Thanks. What is the part number? Did you find out why they did not replace the metal hose?
  2. My repair shop has seen a few Lexus ES350 VVT-I hose ruptures over the years. If you are planning to own them for longer than 8 years then you need to replace them as the literature says they may not last the life of the car - and a rupture normally means a new engine... Does anyone know if the all metal hose fits the 2007 model? And how much does it cost to replace if Lexus won't replace with an all metal one? Am considering even replacing with a new part metal/part rubber hose for piece of mind.
  3. Do the annual navigation map updates just update the data of the maps or is there an update included in the software application? I find the software very clumsy to enter destination and other information and would spring for an update (I have a 2006 version!) if the software was more user friendly and intuitive.
  4. How does one stop this warning light coming on? I have deleted the scheduled maintenance in the maintenance screen but it keeps on coming on when I start the car? My repair shop scheduled the oil change for 3,000 miles but I will stick to the recommended 5,000 and maybe go to 6,000. ES 350 2007.
  5. You used to be able to search in specific forums on this site. Now its a general google search. What happened?
  6. Still covered by extended warranty which has another 30,000 miles and approx 2.5 years to run. Was at the local Lexus dealer and was certain I saw chrome wheels on display. Will check it out. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply. Maybe being the Club Founder helped you? :)
  8. I have Lexus original chrome wheels (2007 Es 350) that are starting to peel in well of the lug nuts. Before jousting with Lexus if the warranty covers the wheels I wanted to sound out fellow owners. The warranty excludes "rust" but this is not rust - just bad chrome plating.
  9. Thanks so much for the helpful and prompt reply. I will repair now.
  10. Need one chrome wheel for my 2007 ES 350. I have one that does not balance out anymore. Does anybody know where on the web I could find one - preferably second hand? It is safe to have it repaired?
  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums Rugby :)