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  1. Lots of views, no replies so I'll give you some pointers. My truck has 232K so I've done the pads a few times. ;) 1) the fronts are a "monoblock" style. this means that there are pistons on both sides. you will have to remove the calipers as they are not like what you might find on German cars (like my Porsche). Still, pretty easy. I think they are 15mm bolts. You'll need something to press the pistons back in to make room for the thicker pads. 2) The rears are slider style. On this case, there is a piston on only one side. What I found recently is that on each side, one of the sliders has a rubber boot to create some drag. mine were dry rotted. you can get new pins and rubber bushings from Advance Auto for cheap so I would recommend grabbing a set. If you lube them, get a tube of the slide lubricant, also at autozone. Don't use an all purpose grease because it causes problems with the rubber boot on the pin. these are also pretty easy but getting the snap spring off the outside is a bit of a pain.
  2. I have a '99 LX 470 with 232K and pretty much, other than a starter and a battery is 100% original. I did the starter couple years ago. Last year, my wife (who is the primary driver) started complaining about a dead battery at completely random times. Mostly, when someone had the radio on. Since the original was over 10 years old, i figured it was going bad and bought a new one. Problem stopped. until a couple weeks ago. I was working on her truck putting on a seat cover and had the door open and radio on for maybe 30 min. I couldn't start the truck. put it on a charger and its been fine. couple weeks back, my wife was sitting reading a book with the dome light on waiting on one of my kids for maybe 30 min. no start. last weekend, i pulled all the connections and cleaned them well (didn't really have any corrosion anyway) All seems to point to the battery. However, like what was happening before I replaced it, it would also no start almost immediately after stopping somewhere. like TODAY (while i am away travelling). My wife came home, pulled into the garage, went in the house for maybe 10-15 min and came out, no start, dash backlighting is flashing. had her check the battery, was 11.9v and, a couple min later 12.1v. I know voltage and capacity are different, but this doesn't seem logical because as soon as a jump start happens, it's all fine again. I have a full Lexus service manual but haven't scoured it yet. Is there some type of capacitor or something in the ignition side that could prevent the current flowing properly? I am not a great electrical whiz but I am stumped so hopefully someone on the forum will be able to help. Thanks!
  3. '99 LX-470 with 232K. Completely Original. In the 13 years I've owned it - replaced 1 bad fuel injector replaced the starter replaced a rear wheel seal That's it! with the exception of wearable parts like brake pads and rotors and routing maintenance. Currently on the 4th set of rubber. Each set getting about 75K miles. That said, I am doing the front axles and wheel bearings this weekend, they are pretty shot.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums erupert66 :)