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  1. Just thought I would followup - I did bring the car in to a well respected independent mechanic familiar with LS's. He said the problem was the unidirectional tires - I did have them balanced - but he said to have it done again and tell them to take their time and rotate them. He claimed a non directional tire is better on the LS. At any rate, I went back to the tire store and this time insisted they try again and told them this story .... the manager did the balance himself and he said he had seen this - they managed to take all the shimmy out of the front end and it now is smooth as sil
  2. So today I come back from the dealer after finding the front suspension is in perfect working order. They tell me it is the tires ... they are directional. Take off the directional tires and it will smooth right out. Does this seem right? There may be merit to this .... the car was smooth as silk with the original tires and the first replacement set - both non directional. 3 yrs ago I put a new set of yokohama avids (directional) and they wore out in less than two years - shimmy appeared within the first year. I have new tires again from last dec - goodyear tripletreds. Seemed ok at
  3. Have your strut bars or strut bar bushings ever been replaced? They just don't last 110,000 miles on a gen 2 LS400. Take your car back to your alignment guy or maybe to a different one -- maybe at a Lexus dealership? Any alignment tech worth his salt will figure this problem out in a few minutes. No - they have not been touched .... I think this is sound advice - I will look at that ....
  4. The problem persists even though I have new aftermarket wheels and new tires - the new wheels and tires were done with a road force balancer by the manager whom I trust. So really - I have ruled out the wheels and tires. I think the struts might be a potential source.
  5. Hi all. I have a 97 LS with about 110K on it. A few months ago it developed a front end shimmy at maybe 60-70 mph ... slight ... tires are fully in balance - front alignment checked and perfect. The front struts seem ok too. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has suggestions. TIA
  6. I got the ones from IRONTOAD - TOYOTA OEM - with some improvements Toyota made apparently (mine is a 97) - they are ceremic now, and have a slight pad mod to relieve squealing ... 45 dollars - work great - very happy.
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