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  1. I also just noticed, that as I am using my work computer. It has remembered me as AusJapanWindom, and not AusJapanLexus.. Thats why half my posts are by one or the other.. Only just worked that out? hhmmm???
  2. This next pic is of a Holden Commodore 4 Door, used by a southern Australian state of Victoria. Again Highway patrol.. But this thing is a little more colorfull!
  3. Just for interest, I decided to put up a picture of some Australian Police vehicles. This first one is from my home state of Queensland. It is a Holden Commodore Monaro Coupe Highway patrol vehicle.. These things move!
  4. Well I do find that interesteing about the price of the Celsior being more expencive as the Crown.. Although, I must say that new Celsior is also a very classy piece of car!... But as I am finding. The Crown is more of a stately vehicle.. Most big businesmen own a Crown, or they get driven around in one... The Celsior seems to be driven by the younger-to middle aged cool car guys..It is also the favourite family car of choice here, so I guess if they can sell more of them, then make them more expencive. Thats if people are willing to pay the price for it I guess?.. As for the picture of th
  5. well I have a tire place right next door to my work here, and so I decided to go over and see the guy that runs it.. I speak Japanese, but not perfectly, but he understood what I was asking.. Basically he said that it is ok to put the 205/65R 15" tires on a 16" or 17" rim.. It just means that the profile will change and so if on a 17" rim, it will be a smaller profile than if on a 15" or 16"... Not sure if I want to try putting them on a 17" rim, but know that I can be ok with 16" rims... Hoebag said in his post that it is dangerous.. I would like to know his thinking on that. Very curious!..
  6. Hey guys. I have a fairly new set of Dunlop tires, but am looking for some new rims. I dont like the stock Lexus Toyota rims.. Now the tires are 205/65R 15's.. What is the largest rim I can put that size tire on (within reason).. I dont mind having to put 15" rims back on the car. But would like to go to atleast 16" if I can.. Any one able to help me on this one... Otherwise I just buy the lot... But still in good condition these tires.. Chris
  7. Thanks Steve.. Was worried for a minute there!! Chris
  8. Hey thanks.. Didnt think of that.. Will try to see if I can get my hands on one! Chris
  9. Hey Sky.. Will do...Anything to get a little more power out of her.... Another thing I wanted to ask was. I changed my badges, and when removing the sticky stuff from the original badges, i scrubbed a little too hard on the bodywork, and so wore a little on the paint... I am thinking giving it a wax, and hope I can buff it up.. Any ideas??? It looks a little flat at the momment.. Chris
  10. Oh yeah Steve.. Have you checked out Go to the Lexus section and look for the ES pics.. Heaps up there.. Might be one of the spoiler for you to see... Chris
  11. Yeah Steve.. I am getting some new rims in the next few weeks, but still deciding what size.. Dont think I want to lower it. But I definately want a body kit put on it.. Then I will be happy.. My badges have arrived, and I am ready to rebadge.. Only problem for me is, that it is still rainy season, and I havnt gotten a sunny day in the last 3 weeks to do anything..(Sorry I lie. I had 1 sunny day, but I was stuck at work) I have taken the Toyota badges off, but just a matter of cleaning the old sticky stuff off... Will definately post when ready... Anybody looking for second hand Windom Badg
  12. Hey guys.. Yesterday I stopped at the grocery store, and next to me was a black 97 with the back spoiler... I dont want to sound like I am trying to be nasty, as I am not. I just felt that the spoiler didnt suit the car at all...Looked axactly the same as Neiltyme's spoiler.. I guess I am the old fashioned ES man, that enjoys the simple spoilerless back end.. Now when I say this. I am only expressing my own thoughts.. Each to their own.. So dont go yelling at me!.. hehehehe Chris
  13. No seriously. The boys are right.. If you have even one doubt about it, then give it a miss.. Its alot of money to pay for something that wont last you long.. I know you may be eager. But as the old saying goes. Something better will come up! I honestly believe that. And then atleast you will feel better knowing about what you didnt have to do? Chris
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