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  1. My Lexus LS400 started running rough and died, would not start, the very next day it started as if nothing was wrong. It does this scenario now all the time. It starts fine runs good for awhile then if you stop the engine it won't start until the next day...
  2. Update! Replaced the rectifier in the alternator and the battery, charges great no battery indicator on my dash. Still have the problem were the car won't start after it has been driven for awhile but the very next day it runs fine.
  3. It looks like I have TWO 2 problems: 1) The car sputters and dies after 30-40 minutes of driving. Like it has no spark or no fuel. After the battery is disconnected for 30-60 minute or overnight it starts like nothing ever happened. Problem 2) Battery light indicator comes on at idle and turns off at 2000 rpm and eventually after driving for a few days the battery might go low. The question is: These items happened at the same time, are the related?
  4. Alright! I checked the voltage at the battery with my engine revving at 2000 rpm and the headlights on for a load. 14v was my reading. The voltage at idle is around 13.2v. The battery is not getting drained but after 45 minutes of driving the car begins to sputter and dies. The battery voltage remains good 12.2v the starter turns the engine but it just won't start. I disconnect the battery for about an hour and it starts like nothing is wrong, accept the battery indicator light is on. So what would cause it to die and after the battery is disconnected for an hour start like nothing ever happened?
  5. I get the charging system part. New battery (got one) Checked voltage (13 v while running) may not be enough. What my question is, I know it has a battery indicator light on. I know what it does when it is not fully charged (on't crank). What my car does is that, but also something new, after a while of driving with my battery fully charged (12.2v) it dies and won't fire (Not won't crank) won't fire! Remember the battery is fully charged and the engine is cranking, no fire. I disconnect the battery at night and the next day it starts right up no problems, like nothing ever was wrong. Question with my charging system sub-standard could my ecu become corrupted or does it have a fail-safe mode to prevent me from causing further damage and shut down my car?
  6. No, I have the battery condition and it will go dead eventually, that I know, but it dies two different ways: 1) The battery goes dead nothing no crank, I read low voltage on my dvm. or 2) this is different, after I drive it for a while-- keep it revved and avoid the battery indicator mostly it is still charged all of a sudden-- it chugs and dies won't start but it still cranks. I disconnect the battery overnight the next morning it runs as if nothing happened! Is this the ecu becoming confused from the low battery or does this car have a fail safe telling me to get the charging system fixed and stop driving it?
  7. I have an 96 LS400 the battery indicator light comes on when I push on the brake , I drive it for a while and it starts to bogs down and stops, it cranks but won't start, I have it towed home and remove the battery to charge it up and the next day it starts like nothing ever happened, except the battery light comes on. The car died again after a trip to the store I checked the battery and it has 12.2v it cranks but it won't start. Is this the ecu telling me to get the low battery indicator problem taken care of? If so when I repair the battery indicator will this problem stop.
  8. Welcome to the Lexus forums Jerry Martinez :)