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  1. hey, I have all the parts,I have the entire assembly the cup holders, all of it.the only thing I don't have is the trim piece which is just a flat plastic piece that goes over the cup holders themselves when they are closed and also folds down to allow the cup holders to pop out. It is basically just aesthetic, but I'm a detail kind of guy and it would be nice to replace. But it's possibly a 2$ piece of plastic so I can't justify replacing the whole thing when it's already in working condition and just missing the little trim cover. i figured I would pay incase someone has a parts car or hass had the similar issue.
  2. hey all, I had posted a few months ago about the cup holder cover plate and how my ls400 is missing it. I've searched the internet and e bay with no luck unless I buy the entire Cup holder assembly. I am wondering if anyone has a spare one laying about or knows of the best way to get one. I just need the Cover plate, it is what you push on to get the cup holders to pop out and it then lays flat behind the shift leaver underneath the 2 cup holders. In this picture its just the piece that is under the Center Console pad and says "push" with the 2 rubber nubs on the corners. Simple piece but can't seem to find just it by itself! Hope everyone is enjoying their Lexus's!
  3. No worries! I know some people don't know every thing to check, but yes the switch was the first thing i looked at to make sure it was ON. Its easy to hit that switch with your knee and turn it off so that was the first thing to get looked at.
  4. I know! We are all very spoiled. But here in New England where the weather is beyond unpredictable and a 2 yr old son, having to go to the passenger door every time to unlock the car gets old! If it worked in the drivers side door than it would not be as much of an issue! :) .... The buttons inside on the drivers door do work to lock and unlock the doors. I do not have 2 keys with the wireless capability. I have one that is for wireless and just a plain valet key with no buttons. I only thought that it had to do with the chip/ key because upon purchasing the car it worked just fine. Now it does not at all, New battery in the key fob, re seating the chip, nothing has seemed to help. If aftermarket will work I think that is the route I would go as it does not seem as expensive.
  5. Hey everyone! been a while since my last posts. Car has been running great for having 240k miles on it. A while back before winter hit my wireless entry key decided to not work anymore. I have taken the receiver chip out of the box in the trunk and re set it. Replaced battery in the key fob, still no success. I have read that Lexus charges a hefty fee to send out a new key and chip. Wondering if anyone has had an aftermarket security system installed, as in a Viper alarm, or bulldog system and If so how much it costs and if it is a viable route to take. I am a little leery about taking the custom aftermarket security system route as the LS seems to be quite complex. If anyone has input it would be greatly appreciated. Having to unlock the car by putting the key into the passenger side door every time is becoming a pain!Time to get the wireless system up and running again! thanks!
  6. Got a 93 ls400, although I know this issue is general and that the model and year dont 100% matter. My driver side electric seat is almost fully functional. It goes every which way except half the back is stuck in one spot. When i try to lean the seat back only the left half moves back. This has tweaked my back quite a bit.... I dont like to keep my seat back so straight up and am not use to it or just half of it being straight up. I did google a few different things but the answers seem to be quite vague. If anyone has any info or a site with info it would be greatly appreciated. :)
  7. Welcome to the club! Sounds like you got quite a deal! I was able to grab my ls400 for 1k and after doing some research found its worth around 3300-3500 even with the milage and such. They are awesome cars! enjoy!
  8. Mine has no screws at all. Its just a flat piece with two plastic nubs on each bottom corner so that it can move up and down, It is the flat panel that says "push" and has two rubber feet on it.. Clicks into place right under the button to lift up center console top. Doesnt attach to anything at all besides the bottom trim of console. My cup holders are stil there and still function, Just a trim piece. Pain, will probly need salvage yard. Greatly dislike that they no longer allow us to enter in and pick through.
  9. Faber, i believe coils will most likely be your issue. I was informed that if it was coils then usually it is an ongoing problem. Replacing the wires and such for my car seemed to do it. It was only having issues in wet, and humid weather. Best of luck!
  10. Hey Freegard, As for the ECU stuff im not quite sure about that stuff. Rims though, unless you've got the budget to do it, the stock rims in chrome are around $295 each. Im sure there are a few that are cheaper but most likely not by much. There are even some that are more expensive. Really depends on what your looking for though. If you have to have them and have them chrome then thats the downer. I'm bummin since ive gotten my lexus because I had put rims on my old eagle vision TSI but was un able to keep them when the car decided to die at 56k miles. They were black spokes with chrome lip. But thats an attained taste not everyone is into the custom rims. I hope this is of some help! Also for your handle, there are multiple sites that sell them. Could try ebay or the dreaded junk yard as well.
  11. well, plugs and wires done, rotors, even a bushing in the rear, few minor other things. Seems to be doing quite nice now :). Thinking its all set for the time being. With the miles im sure theres more that could be done. Thanks for all the info and input.
  12. Alright, thanks for all the info and ideas, Will be updating once figured out. Most likely within a couple days! thanks a lot!
  13. hmmm alright. How about plugs and wires as well? It only seems to do it when extremely damp or wet outside. After it warms up and gets up to temp it drives fine.
  14. I noticed about a week ago that when i started the car in the rain is was a little rough. I Took off from my apartment and the throttle lacked response for a second then we continued on our merry way, so i dismissed the issue. Tonight at 1030 after the big hurrican cleared decided the store was neccesary for drinks. Started the car, it ran rough, sounded like a pump was having an issue (not sure which one), after letting it sit for about a minute took off down the road and there was barely any response at times to hitting the gas, also it felt as if the engine was going to blow up. It rumbled like a roller coaster, and pushing the throttle after letting it coast for a bit just seemed to make it worse. Turned right around and got it home, let it idle and it was still rough. Quite irritated at the moment, and Wondering what this could possibly be. On normal dry, cold, even warm or hot days it does not do this. Any help, is much appreciated as the anger level is rising by the minute!
  15. hmm, well from a retailer i assume not. But the plate just pops righ off. As i have the piece in my trunk! Its just rendered useless because previous owner decided to snap off the 2 small round nubs on the button corners that keep it locked onto the console and able to flip up and down without any trouble. I am just supprised i cant find it on ebay or any such sites like that. >_< i guess noone has a nack for that 100% perfect interior as i do. It is fully functional with out but i just cant wrap my mind around how un clean it looks! Just looks un finished and rattles my OCD. Oh well for now i shall have to deal with it. :) Thanks for the responses!