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  1. "Cutomizing" the assembly worked weel for me. But be careful which end you cut if you shorten the inserts. Here in LA wiping the blade also works well to extend life. Otherwise the air will eat them up pretty quick.
  2. I found an article in Conmuser Reports November '04 that rate 22 "light truck tires". They weigh and value criteria that includes: dry braking, wet braking handling, handling, hydoplaning rolling resistance, snow traction, ice braking, ride, and noise. Their top 5 were Goodyear Fortera HL Ed., Pirelli Scorpion STR A, Hankook DynaPro AS RHO3, Kelly Safari Sig., Dayton Timberline HT. Michelin' s ratings were XC LT4 (Sears) #15, LTX M/S #17 and Cross Terrain #19. Toyo Open Counrty M410 was #10 and Yokohama Geolander H/T-s G051 was #18. Based on Consumer Reports, the opioions of Lexus Owners Club members and other information it looks like Cross Terrains for me.
  3. What I'm looking for is a tire that will handel well in all conditions, get good mileage and last for at least 50,000 miles. My first post was real general so that I might get responses like the one from tunedRX300. Now I know to stay away from the "stones". Thank you. More specifically, my driving is 70% highway, 25% streets, and 5% dirt road. My needs are tilted by our family ski trips. I would like to get the best for those few days of snow and ice driving (about 8 - 10 days a year).
  4. Lexusfreak and SW03ES: Thanks for the tirerack link and ref. It is impressive to see the mileage people got out of the LTX M/S. I got 60,000 out of the Goodyears Integeritys. "all season" is what I'm looking for in size 225/70R 16. I'm not advirse to "agressive" looking tires and actually think they "look" like they might be better in the snow.
  5. The Cross Terrain has a more agressive looking tread design when compared to the LTX M/S and costs about $10 more each otherwise all the specs are pretty close to the same. What about Toyo Open Country A/T
  6. I'm looking for recomendations for new tires for my 2001 RX300. I need tires that will preform well on snow and ice.