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  1. When out looking at used RX300 at car dealers is their an easy way to tell if they are AWD? I like to look when they are closed so I dont get hounded by sales people but cant tell if I am looking ay a 2WD or AWD. Thanks
  2. I think I got it fixed.... I tried to eyeball it on my garage wall but really couldnt see much difference but folks are not bright lighting me now. :)
  3. You got a steal, I just traded my 94 with 218k and they allowed me 3k.
  4. I have the newer style headlights and even on dim people always think they are on high. I am thinking they are aimed a little high. Does anyone know how to adjust them? Thanks for any help folks. Robert
  5. Anyone know if these will fit a 2000 LS400? Correct offsets?
  6. Got mine off Ebay for around $50.00 shipped for two. OEM bolt on application. Thses are so strong the hood will reaise on its own now.
  7. No curb feelers please, No fuzzy dice either. LOL :chairshot: I have Nav and it does not work that great. Was looking at options to maybe help the reception of the stock one or an external antenna for another Nav unit.
  8. 2000 LS400 with Mich. Hrated tires and am very happy.
  9. What do you guys think of the shark fin antennas on a Lexus? Do you think they would look good? Anyone have one on their car?
  10. As the owner of a 00 LS400 i can say they are great cars. I had a 94LS prior to my 00 and it also was a great car. In short I would say buy the best car you can based on your budget. A lot of time people give advice based on the car only and not what your budget may be. What I am saying is if your budget is 10k then buy the best you can buy for that amount. Look carefuly at the history of the car and over all condition. Just keep in mind Lexus can be very expensive to work on if you should have problems. I am a big on making sure proper maintiance is done like frequent oil changes, filters, etc. Lexus is a very durable car and can go many miles with little or no trouble. Good luck with your purchase.
  11. Seen similar problem with two other 94's that my family and I owned. Both times it was the plug wires. Be real careful not to pinch or cut the new ones putting it back together. I replced both using wires from auto zone not OEM with no problems. I think around $100. I also made sure I used Denzo plugs.
  12. My first question is what is your budget? If the $3600 range is your budget I would shop around for the best bang for your buck. Dont get to hasty when you might find something nicer with less miles for a few hundred dollars more.
  13. It is possible that the water pump was not changed at the time of the belt. If so then this causes more stress on the water pump and it fails. With the temp going up and down it almost sounds like a head gasket. When a head gasket blows the temp can fall and rise like that. Usually though you want see any water leaking from under the car with the head gasket. You said you checked your oil and didnt see any water. Double check and see if you see any water in your oil or oil in your water. Also check and see if you see any water coming out of your tail pipes. Any decent shop should be able to do a pressure check to see if it is a head gasket or maybe were the water is leaking. It could be as simple as you need a new cap and to top off with some coolant. I would try that first because it is cheap and you can get a cap at any auto supply store. If you need to top off and dont have any premix coolant I would use distilled water until you can get the right stuff or call Lexus and ask them what they would recommend.
  14. Not to thread jack but... Jim how do you like your 00 Platinum Edition?
  15. I was quoted around the $500 mark on my 00 LS which included the water pump. My 90k service is due now but I am going to wait a few more thousand miles myself. I will get it done somewhere between 95 and 100k, but hey I am a gambler. I ran my 94 to 218k miles and it might had a belt change before I bought it with 134k but no sign of it being done. However I was told the 94 engine would be ok if the belt broke. After that year it would do major damage. So to answer your question... The real question is are you one of those better safe than sorry guys or are you one of those gambler kind of guys. If there is a way to inspect the belt and check the condition I would do that. While that is no guarantee it will at least help you make your decision maybe.
  16. While I live in another state I have had a bad experience with this dealer also. I want go into all the details but it was over an EBay auction of new floor mats. The parts guy was rude and offered no apology for being wrong or rude. I ended up buying the mats at a local dealer that matched their price. Not sure what is going on with these guys but something is not right. If I was in the TX area I would find another dealer to do business with.
  17. I replaced them on my 94 LS400 for another reason and they were very expensive. Like 1k each at dealer for OEM. I got them off Ebay for like $400.00 total.
  18. Sounds like a nice deal on the car. Enjoy and welcome to the world of "Lexury"
  19. Has anyone had their Lexus wheels powder coated? If so what is the going rate and how clean do they need to be to start with. Thanks for any advice.
  20. Nice looking car. What did you give if you dont mind saying?
  21. I prefer Cevron when I can get it. It seems to be recommended by a lot of car people in the industry. I tend to think my cars run better with it. When I did auto cross with a Porsche 928 I used Chevron and added an octane booster.
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