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  1. Cup Holder Adapter '98 LS400

    Doesn’t work. The top is too large as it hits the arm rest.
  2. I'm trying to find a cup holder adapter that I can use with my stock cup holders which would enable me to use it to hold my Yeti Coffee cup. Any ideas? I tried one but it hit on the arm rest and won't fit???
  3. I just need the stock air cleaner box for a 2001 IS-300. The 2 pieces that the actual air cleaner sits in and the MAP or MAF ( I don't know which is which) screws into.
  4. I know how to program my remote. I've done it successfully several times. However, my garage door remote abruptly quit working on both of our garage doors. I just tried to clear the codes in the car to reset and when I push and hold the button in for 25 seconds, no red light comes on. No matter which of the 3 buttons I push and hold I can never get the little red light to blink. Any suggestions?
  5. What is the procedure for checking the timing on a 1998 LS400?
  6. My '01 IS300 sucks under acceleration. Cleaned MAP, Throttle body, changed plugs. Took my finger and twisted the accelerator cable to simulate a wipe open throttle. The butterfly valve only went about half way. This would explain the poor acceleration under full throttle. Now, how do I fix this?
  7. Years ago, I had a "friend" change my brake pads and they have squealed and "ticked" ever since he did them. I am thinking all my parts did not get installed, let alone any anti squeal added to shims. I am gonna redo them now on my '98 LS400 but am not sure how I would know if pieces are missing. You know, shims, wear indicators, etc. Does anyone have a picture or diagram that will show me all the parts associated with my pads?
  8. Where can i buy Japanese made engine and cabin air filters?
  9. Cold Passenger

    DID you ever get an answer? My 2002 does the exact same thing and nobody seems to acknowledge its an issue. My wife is wrapped in a blanket and me without a shirt and wiping sweat off my head inside my LX with an inside temp set at AUTO 70 and the outside temp at 20. Of course when she drives it does get more interesting ;)
  10. Jerks On Initial Acceleration

    With an ohmmeter after disconnecting them. PPS: Resistance between terminals VC and E2 should be 1.64 - 3.28 kilohms at 20° C (68° F) TPS: Resistance between terminals VC and E2 should be 1.25 - 2.35 kilohms at 20° C (68° F) OK. Where is the PPS and the TPS? I can do the ohms.
  11. Jerks On Initial Acceleration

    Yeah, I didn't know any different 8 years ago and I have just gotten used to it. It's only when someone else is with me do I "notice" it. How do I check PPS and TPS?
  12. OK, I've had my '98 since '01. Best Car I have ever had! One issue I have always dealt with is this. When I start out from a complete stop, I mash the accelerator and not matter how I try, it will jerk the car. It seem I can't depress the pedal gently enough to get a smooth takeoff. My Daughter's IS300-no problem. My Wife's GS300-no problem. My LX470-no problem. My LS400 will jerk your neck it's is so bad. Any ideas?
  13. Is the height at your front and rear fender wells the same? Or is the front lower? Should they be the same? In the "N" position, what is your height at front and rear? Somebody made some adjustments on my Torsion Bars and I need to know what you guys/gals with a standard setup (no suspension mods) measure. You can measure from edge of wheel, center of wheel, ground, etc to the bottom of the fender well. As long as I know where you measured from...
  14. That's Great! Maybe I can go that route and not worry...