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  1. Ok first I have to complain, the "i'm not a robot" captcha wanted me to click on all images with motorcyles but wouldn't let me through till I clicked the image that was clearly a moped XD Ok seriously now, I got my car back from the shop after doing a t-belt (been there for two weeks) and the car has sat for several months while waiting to get that started, wasn't in a hurry to do it so the car just sat un-driven. So I've had the car for four days and I heard a horn honking a few times but didn't realize it was when I get out I lock the doors and shut them and about a minute late
  2. Is anyone familar enough with these two transmissions (a341 a340) to tell me as to whether the internals are interchangable? I need to rebuild my a341e and I will be utilizing an OEM quality rebuild kit...but if the a340's clutches/etc are the same design, I can get a transmission rebuild kit for a heavier/more powerful car to use for my transmission. I am assuming that the internals of the larger/powerful car would be sligthly stronger at least than what was put into the smaller. I know the casings are not the same, but the a341e has (according to wiki) been used in the LS and the sequoia.
  3. lol I checked this thread first so I was a bit lost..."I don't see a reply here..." ;) But yes that will be checked next...I'm working from easiest, to cheapest, to hardest, to most expensive "things to check"...and that day I couldn't get to the plug. Updates: I've gone ahead and ordered the shop repair manual, wiring diagrams, and transmission repair manual from Lexus (well ebay really) so until they get them in and familiarize myself with the finer workings I won't be able to do more than throw wrenches/parts at the problem, I hate doing that, I always prefer a more organized, logical a
  4. I've checked and when hot it's a little over full...and the wire harness on the left trunk hinge is fine.
  5. LOL I'm am presently looking up pdf manuals for doing just that :) The selector itself wobbles quit a bit...but when moving through the gear selections it feels like it's moving things properly, but I may just be feeling the detents. Also P, N, and R all engage exactly where they should and disengage where they should; in relation to the shifters position along the track.
  6. I'm having an odd problem. I bought this car not long ago and have already loggged over 12hrs in it. The car was running perfectly, shifting smoothly and promptly. All fluids are in near new state in both color and odor, timing belt and all seals and the water pump have been appropriately replaced. I recently acquired a trouble code 28, I've only heard of o2 sensors causing transmission problems in ford windstar minivans and that was only one case I know of. It is a 92 LS400 with nearly 300k miles. When placed from park to D the rpm's rise to just a tad over 1000 but transmission does no
  7. Being a former Toyota mechanic...and posts like yours sir...are reasons why I jumped when I found a 92 LS400. She's giving me a fit right now...but I've never smiled so much driving ANY other car.
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