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  1. Thanks - I am buying it from her :-) for $15,500. Guess we'll trade in my RX300 along with my husband's Maxima for something else for him.
  2. Do you think this is a good deal? It is my friend's, has 80K miles, towing package, nav system. I know she has taken pristine care of it... She is planning to get a Highlander instead. My 2001 RX300 (114000K) has been great, but little things are starting to go... door locks, D light in the dashboard, some rattles, sensors here and there ....
  3. Hi All - I have a 2001 RX with 2 door locks that no longer work. After reading this thread, I realize neither my husband nor I are handy enough to attempt this. I also got a quote from the dealer for $500 per door - not what I can afford spend on my car with 102500 miles on it. So my question is - is there someone in the Dallas area anyone can recommend I take my RX to have this done? Thanks in advance :)
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