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  1. The sideview mirror on my cousin's '02 IS300 just broke courtesy of some punk's idea of having a good time. As a result I've bought a set of racing mirrors which I need to install. Without breaking anything or scratching anything up, does anyone have instructions on how to do a general install for these side view power mirrors? Basically, need hints or instructions on how to get access to the screws inside the door panel, etc. to remove the old sideview mirrors and install the new ones. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm having the exact same issue on my GS300 and was quoted a price of well over $1000 to replace the air mix and 2 servo motors under the middle of the dashboard area. Was told they need to special order the part. Keep in mind I got that quote from the stealership. If anyone has a better and cheaper way to fix this problem, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.
  3. hey jeremy, can u let me kno who this guy is that i can get this HID lighting kif from? i'm looking to put it in my gs300 and also if u can fill me in on how hard/easy it is to install. my main concern is finding a place in the engine housing to secure the ballasts, etc. thanks.
  4. Hey guys, cool site I must say....I have a 2001 Lexus GS300 and bought it brand new back then. Lately, I've gotten the itch to install the HID lights but am leary of using just any kit out there. Can anyone tell me how easy/hard it would be to do it yourself? I'm an engineer by trade so tinkering with stuff is not an issue whatsoever but wanna make sure I get the right installation and products before I drop a cool $400+. I was thinking about going with lights that are 7000K to make sure the cops don't pull me over. In any case, thanks for your help folks and looking forward to as much detail as possible in reaching an educated decision.