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  1. I bought a 2002 and that was my first question for the dealer. He said it was not an option but there had been many requests. I asked him why there was a rounded indention in the trunk. His answer at the time was that in some countries a spare tire was required, but in the U.S. the decision was made not to offer a spare and fit the car with the new "run flat" tires. I bought a nice battery rechargeable air pump and it has been in the car ever since.
  2. (2002 SC-430) I use this car strictly for fun and don't drive it every week. If I don't use the car for six weeks or so, the battery loses enough voltage so as not to be able to start (enough power remaining to open doors using the remote). My battery is new and I don't leave any lights on or the trunk open. Has anyone had this same problem with their SC-430? I solved the problem for the moment by installing a battery cut-off switch, but would still like to know what draws enough current to slowly discharge the battery in that period of time. Frank Charlottesville, VA
  3. Welcome to the Lexus forums foxlovescars :)