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  1. I got tired of waiting 2years for nothing. Always nothing. I feel so miserable everyday seeing that cracked dashboard going to work. i finally decided to buy the replacement cover (a lot better quality) in ebay for $250. Perfect fit. Glue it then done. comes in different color. Happy..
  2. I agree with you ricco750. I do not totally disagree with dashboard cover. In fact, that was my first choice in solving the dashboard cracks. The cracks on my dash are milimeters away from the vents which I may not be able to hide using the carpet cover. thats why I will try to cover it with carbon fiber. Even the new LFA used a carbon fiber cover (I saw the rear pic). Also the lexus enthusiast used them on the dash trim. This is just a suggestion to solve this crack dash problem (inexpensive).
  3. to be honest, i dont like the carpet dashcover. it looks cheap or like hiding something underneath the dash. I will try the carbon fiber which will give glamour to your dash
  4. I found a very cheap DIY solution which might work for everyone. I bought a CARBON FIBER material from ebay - $20.00 which fits the whole dash. Also, you might like to try the carbon fiber vinyl (self stick and flexible). I will try to install mine this week. Might be a big work coz I need to remove the vents which i already saw in youtube. Somebody used an imitation leather and glued with pvc cement (saw it in youtube). I'll post the pics afterwards.
  5. hi everyone, newbie here from miami florida
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums bojiboy2k :)