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  1. Hey Guys, I have installed an after market Air Intake on my GS300 after few miles of driving around I got a check engine light on, I tried to reset it by taking out the battery cable then put it back then it still comes back with a check engine. Any Ideas to bypass that ! I Think the Air Intake pipe gets too hot so the sensor sends its signal? Thoughts for fixing may help!!! Lexon8
  2. i have 20's with 35 series on them the ride is just good
  3. Guru how do I find the brake light switch I don't see one on my dash. Also can you buy the brake lever after market or it has to be from the dealer? Thanks,
  4. Hello Lexus friends, I am a new member here just wanted to ask if anyone had come across with issues with Shifter Locking up on any GS300 from 1998-2005 models? I have apparently had issues with mines which is a 2000 model I have it check with the dealer they told me it maybe the tranny shifter sensor which may cost me about $500 just for the part. So I was wondering if theres a better solution for my issue! By the way I just put a hard paper for the override shift so I can drive the car but when I remove that it wont to to the D neither of any of them. Thanks, Lexu810
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums Lexon810 :)

    1. Lexon810


      hi Steve I just check your site and join I wonder how to post pictures of my Car it does not have an attachment option ?

      Let me know thanks!