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  1. AUTOCOM CDP PRO CARS 2011 Release 1 AUTOCOM CDP PRO TRUCKS 2011 Release 1 How to get autocom activation code - SETUP software ( start.exe ) , - write product id ( for cars : a-710-479 ) , ( for trucks : a-710-254 ) - Write the S/N and Hardware Key ( for Cars : serial number; 30250, HW key; MNZTTOOCNHVE ) ( for Trucks : serial number; 39071, HW key; PUKRJOIVQTYX ) - contine - click ON '' Activate via USB '' - Insert a USB-memory stick with at least 1MB free space - and you will have the '' FileActivation.xml '' file in USB-memory stick - Post this FileActivation.xml file to me [ update.autocom@gmail.com ] with REFERANCE NUMBER ( for referance number contact with sales ) remarks : please send an .xml file with referance number. i wll not answer mail if haven't referance number. then i will send you new a FileActivation.xml file., copy into USB-memory stick . and connect to USB-memory stick to computer. software wll get infos in. if not you can slect to manuel mode and open xml file eject to usb-memory software wll open then will have an error ( Failed to load vehicle ...... ) close software run '' Update_3_-_2011_Release_3 '' , write product id ( for cars : a-710-479 ) , ( for trucks : a-710-254 ) then next sofware will open !! if you use alreday old verison autocom, for use interface you need make frimware update: connect interface to car. ( for power ) setting, hw test, it wll have a message ask about frimware update. clict to ok and it wll make frimware update. you need wait few minute for frimware update.( when is make frimware update ,dont close software or dont remove power,etc ) then you can use autocom 2011 release 3 Autocom CDP for car active service
  2. may be you can browse ECU chip tunning.
  3. it may be a bad parking brake switch, low level of brake fluid or a bad brake light switch.
  4. Its not a fuse problem but the airbag light on indicates that the SRS has problems and you need to have the car diagnostic scanner to check what is wrong.
  5. may be there have diagnostic trouble code in ABS and airbag's memory, you can try to clear the DTC with autosnap gd860 scanner that you can find at uobd2.com , it can turn off ABS, airbag warning lights, but I think it is a little expensive.
  6. Last week I just got 5000k hid xenon light kit for my car. everything seems to work perfect, but recently I found the xenons shake a little. Battery voltageand isn't insufficient? can you tell me what is causing that???
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums abriel :)