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  1. Episode 17 of MineThatData Radio is live ... Title = What Makes a Five Tool Analyst?!! https://t.co/5QAChOKsvV

  2. Weighted Preference Pairs https://t.co/zT5wRGBMam

  3. @SeaStefan There you go!

  4. 7/7 The analysts implemented the work. Your job is to sell your ideas. You will meet resistance. Find a way to work around negative folks.

  5. We keep reading that social media shoppers are your best customers. Analyzed a situation today where that simply wasn't the case. #newbies

  6. I am willing to bet that 80% of customers will abandon ANY experience they don't like!! http://t.co/4IHbqYbM

  7. Vice President of Digital Marketing, Lands' End http://t.co/tpWQbJqf

  8. RT @jbillingsley @apike: Delegating is WAY easier when the team around you is awesome.

  9. I recall working at Eddie Bauer, who was owned by Spiegel. Spiegel literally had a "C-Suite", an executive area with heated floors!

  10. Sound familiar, folks? RT @JasonFalls: Stop trying to explain Twitter to your CEO. Speak their lang. Sales. Revenue. Cost. #GoToExplore

  11. Ok gurus, customer visits website via iPad on Monday via search, buys in store on Tuesday. Who gets credit?

  12. Instead of trying to solve attribution at a campaign level, step back and do it at a quarterly/customer segment level. Much more revealing!

  13. Saks and Robotics: A 21% Sales Increase? http://t.co/BuiBeuTG

  14. See the red pie chart ... no ad agencies are using incremental sales/profit to evaluate ad effectiveness ... oh boy! http://t.co/palwyFhJ

  15. Nicely done via @halbrook and @adobedigmktg, via @sitecattips: http://t.co/eTRC4F9f Measured this stuff at Nordstrom in 00s, similar.

  16. How many measurement experts perform Loyalty Spoiler analysis? http://t.co/tYkXFWvP

  17. There are items that customers buy that cause the customer to sit, contented, not willing to buy again. These are Loyalty Spoilers.

  18. RT @MicheleJKiss: Sometimes I like to remind people that Apple doesn't "do" social ... They seem to do okay.

  19. Do not underestimate the conceptual link between Facebook/Instagram story and Best Buy / CEO story. Past & future on display.

  20. And sales trejectory remains unchanged. RT @ConversationAge: Starbucks apps account for 42M mobile payments http://t.co/BFkcjkhp