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  1. I am still having an issue with the day/night capability. At night the car thinks it is daytime as far as the nav screen is concerned. I find that kicking the fusebox by the driver fixes the problem. Any idea what kicking the fusebox does? Is there a particular fuse or relay in the box that works the day/night circuitry?
  2. There is a day/night sensor on the dash. Look for a plastic dome. It became unreliable. All I had to do was replace it. I found the part on ebay. The change took some time because I had to remove the center console from the buttom up. I even had to pull out the nav screen. Even then I still had trouble due to the amount of stuff there. I used a snake to get the wires up to the hole by the defroster.
  3. I found the part number 84119-50230. This little parts costs $180 at Lexus. Other places have it for less, but can not get it. I hope this fixes my issue.
  4. I removed the dimmer knob and light. I think there is a problem with this module. The number looks like 394-0c3n. I can not find it online.
  5. I tried banging around. I could not get the lights to flicker on demand. How would I get behind the screen to check connections?
  6. As I mentioned above, sometimes my center console lights are on and sometimes the lights are off at night. It makes for finding the buttons a bit hard. I have a 2004 LS430. When the lights are working, the dimmer knob on the left side of the steering wheel does dim all those lights. I am talking about the lights around the console screen, the radio, and the a/c. Here are my observations. There is a light sensor somewhere that changes whether the screen is in day or night mode. Day mode has black lettering on a white background for the screen. Night mode has white lettering on a black backgroun
  7. Thanks. I will try to take apart the door to access those clips. It sounds a bit challenging to get the door off.
  8. The glove box in my 2004 LS430 is coming apart. The door you see facing the seat is separating from the inside part of the door. This causes the lock not to penetrate out of the back to latch. For the time being I put packing tape on the door to hold the two pieces together. With the tape, the latch works perfectly. I would rather fix the door with the correct clips or whatever holds it together. Any ideas?
  9. Although I do not like the look of the antenna base on the roof, I will just leave it alone. Thanks!
  10. i have a 2004 LS430. The little stubby antenna broke off from the box above the rear window. The nav system and the radio still works. What does this antenna do and is there a reason to replace it?
  11. I have a very basic model which does not include air bag errors. Lexus dealers around here in NY can get away with charging for every little thing. I should have tried my local garage.
  12. I had to have the seat SRS sensor recalibrated. It cost me $150. That sounds very expensive for just hooking the car to a computer.
  13. RX400h 2007 Even when a passenger is sitting in the passenger seat, the Air Bag Off light is lit. Also the Air Bag light on the dashboard is lit. I assume that means the air bag would not work in an emergency. Is there a way to clear the error somehow to determine whether there is really a problem? Any suggestions.
  14. Is this normal? Do I need a different car battery?
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