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  1. I've been reading more about the IACV... Does anyone think I should just replace this? I cleaned the hell out of it, but when i took it out it was so gunked up that the valve didnt even move. It was stuck in position. But once cleaned it seemed at ease. Any ideas?
  2. Alright to update the situation... I just disconnected the exhaust before the cat, and the smoke problem went away. But the idle is still very rough and stalls out after about 15-30 seconds. If i give it gas to keep it going, it tries to correct itself and idle right, but still runs rough. If i put it in drive, it stalls. If i put my foot on the brake, give it a little gas and then put it in drive i can move forward or in reverse as long as i dont let it stall out. Could the seafoam be doing this? I thought from day 1 there was bad gas, but i cyphoned it out and put 2 gallons of 93 in w
  3. Alright where to begin... I have a 99 RX300 (AWD) that suddenly stopped running one day. Got it to start at certain times, with a really bad idle and would never stay on... Yes i've read the other posts on this problem, but i have tried almost everything. I am also familiar with the problems with the 1MZFE engine regarding oil sludging. Currently the car will start up, idle like crap and eventually want to turn off after a few minutes with excessive exhaust both front and back of vehicle (enough to push through exhaust manifold flange). DEF not driveable. This leads me to believe it may
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums chadis250 :)

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