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  1. Hi, I have been experiencing slow acceleration and hestitation, especially when i am coming off a stop sign or something. Like when I slow down then hit the accelerator, there is a moment of hesitation. My first thought was that his was a transmission problem. Then I poured a bottle of fuel injector cleaner into my gas tank and the car ran like new. Smooth with great acceleration, and no more hesitation. After a couple days it was back to the same old problem. Then I got a very cheap fuel injector cleaning service at Jiffy Lube($75) and it ran like new for a week then back to the same problems. I think they just pour some cleaning solutions in the gas tank and dont actually clean the fuel injectors themselves. A mechanic told me i have one of 3 problems and I need your guys' help to figure which one is the solution so I don't have to spend $$$ doing all 3 of these. 1.) There is gunk or dirt in my gas tank... They will remove my gas tank and clean it out with a pressure washer to remove dirt and dirty gas. 2.) I have dirty fuel injectors, they will remove the fuel injectors and clean them by hand. 3.) My computer system is messed up and is not telling the injectors to spray the required amount of gas, they will fix that. I think option 1 and 3 both sound ridiculous since the slow acceleration/hesitation doesn't happen all the time, more like 50-75% of the time I drive. I think option 2 sounds like it is the correct solution, what do you guys think? Thanks.
  2. hmm, thanks for the insight. How do I switch out of sport mode? I wasn't even aware there was a sport mode... Also, how much can I expect to spend to to get a new torque converter, labor + parts? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I got a question hopefully someone can help me out with. I own a 2004 Lexus ES330, it has ~120k miles on it. I bought the car from a Lexus dealer about 2 years ago, and it was in perfect condition. It was very fast, powerful, and smooth. Since then, it does not run nearly as well as it did. My main problem is the slow acceleration, when i push the gas pedal the car just doesn't go like it used to. Its slow and there is a 'hesitation' moment where the RPM will go up to but the MPH will basically stand still. I read that I need to clean the fuel injector and use a fuel injector cleaner with my gas fill-ups. Would this be a simple solution to the problem, and if so what kind of fuel injector cleaner should I use, there are literally dozens of them at the store. What is the cause of this and how can I fix it? My car is no longer fun to drive and it has taken all of the fun and enjoyment out of owning a Lexus for me. Thanks for your help, Peter.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums dembowy12212012 :)