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  1. Finally got Lexus to do some testing on gas mileage but they refuse to test it under the circumstances that the car if failing under. Lexus did a short highway run and daid it meets their standards. The problem I have is on long hiighway runs of several hours hours where the mileage gets progressive worse the longer you drive. I was also told by the local dealer that getting to 22 to 25 miles on a long highway run is normal. Seems like Lexus is not interested in solving the problem. I have seen where others are experiencing similiar problems. Not sure what happened to Lexus customer servi
  2. I have the exact same experience with 2012, on long highway trips i only get about 22-23 using cruise control on pretty level highways, I took the car into Lexus and was pretty much told this is normal. Lexus also claims the number are supplied by the EPA not Lexus. Basically Lexus told me this is normal and don't expect them to do anything about it.
  3. latest from Lexus, they stated Lexus does not say the car should get 28 MPH highway the EPA does, they said getting 2-23 on a long trip is normal not what I expected to hear from Lexus
  4. Thanks and I agree the Lincoln is lighter, my only point was that Linclon says the car should get 38 MPG on the highway and it actual does get what they advertise and Lexus says it should get 28 MPG and it doesn't get anywhere near that on a long highway run
  5. Your MKZ not only weighs less than your RX but also has a relatively small Atkinsonized 4 cylinder. The MKZ may have been updated to DFI as of 2012.
  6. thanks, I am using premium fuel 93 octane and I am driving between Dallas and south Florida, the weather was warm on all 3 trips I did.
  7. I recently purchased a 2012 Lexus RX450h, locally i get about 28 miles a gallon which is mostly highway driving. On a long trip over 1000 miles (driving all day long) using the cruise control on major hgihways and going about 70 MPH my gas mileage starts out at 28 and each tank on that drip drops down by about 2 miles per gallon when I refuel, by the end of the day i am down to 22 mpg. I have done 3 trips like this and the results are always the same. When the car sits overnight and i resume driving the next day the first tank will be 28 and each refill that day the mileage will decline.
  8. Welcome to the Lexus forums smitty49 :)

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