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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase rear middle brake lights (the lights on the rear window)? I've been searching the forums and google but I don't think I have the proper name. Also, are there any DIY guides to remove/install the lights? Thanks in advance. Update: Found the parts on sewell - "Center Stop Lamp"
  2. Hi - Can anyone recommend an independent lexus service garage around the peninsula (san mateo, burlingame, redwood city)? TIA. -Dave.
  3. Oh yea, it's only 2WD. Thanks for all the comments! ← If thats an AWD, then thats a great price. If not ... its still not too shabby considering its got the performance package & Nav. ←
  4. What's up all - I just got a used RX330 and wanted to get your opinion on the price. 2004, RX330 13,000 miles Performance Package (HID, 18" Rims, Air Suspension, etc.) Navigation for...$34,600 --> $37,700 OTD. I've checked KBB, Edmunds, and other ads and this seems to be a very good price. But I am just a skeptic cuz it was a bit too easy to get the dealer to give it to me at this price. What do ya'll think? TIA.
  5. Hi - I am trying to change the spark plugs in my '01 GS300 and cannot for the life of me remove the "VVT-I" plastic cover!! I removed the 4 screws on top and cannot find anything else attached to it. Is there something I am missing or should I just yank it as hard as I can?! Also, I purchase Denso Iridium spark plugs online. Do I need to gap them? If so, at what measurement? TIA!