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  1. my book on ES330 05 say 3.7 qts. tranny fluid with a drain and fill. I done it 4 times and each time, I put 3.7 qts back in, and the level stay good.
  2. New 12 Volt Battery Installed

    whenever you put new battery, get a battery tool and clean the inside of the clamps, the posts. look at the wires where they join the clamps. if needed, do a voltage drop test on the starter wire, the pos. battery wire, and also the neg. side
  3. i always r/r thermostats in my cars every five yrs or so. Looking at the Lexus, I see it is under the fill cap and in a large holding bracket held down by 2 torx head bolts and one ?12mm. have to disconnect temp sensor and part of motor mount and take cover off top of motor to get the stat/bracket out. has anyone done this or know of link to a DIY reference?