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  1. rockauto parts has good cheep relays,1998,es300,3.0l+v6,1316093,electrical-switch+&+relay,a/c+system+relay,13364
  2. just unplug the plugin part there, no need to clip wires
  3. I bet your shocks are bad after 90K miles. take it to Toyota and get new struts.
  4. you can get clips for the shroud at any auto parts store, a lot cheaper than at the stealership.
  5. I'm at 132K on my 05 ES330, and it still runs great. I was wondering about control arm bushings and the motor mounts. When do they go bad?
  6. did you replace the plenum gasket. look at hose connections carefully. I don't know how many miles yours has, but 02 sensors are considered maintenance items by some, over 100-130K miles. try resetting adaptives by touching the neg batt cable to the pos cable, with the dirty air filter, who knows? seafoam in the tank might help the reported catalyst code, as well as 02 sensors
  7. be sure to do voltage drop testing on the cables first. any voltage drop of 0.2V or more is indicative of a bad cable.
  8. well, the $13 relay from worked WELL!!
  9. my headlights stayed on for an hour after I shut the car and locked the door. I turned the lights off on the stalk, and waited about 15 min. as I do have a 4 yr old battery. so I pulled the HEAD relay, and found it on rockautoparts for $10. Better than $48 at Oreilly's. I chime back in after putting in the new relay, a denso one with the same part number as what is on the old relay.
  10. my book on ES330 05 say 3.7 qts. tranny fluid with a drain and fill. I done it 4 times and each time, I put 3.7 qts back in, and the level stay good.
  11. whenever you put new battery, get a battery tool and clean the inside of the clamps, the posts. look at the wires where they join the clamps. if needed, do a voltage drop test on the starter wire, the pos. battery wire, and also the neg. side
  12. i always r/r thermostats in my cars every five yrs or so. Looking at the Lexus, I see it is under the fill cap and in a large holding bracket held down by 2 torx head bolts and one ?12mm. have to disconnect temp sensor and part of motor mount and take cover off top of motor to get the stat/bracket out. has anyone done this or know of link to a DIY reference?