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  1. Yes I tried that. re-seated all connectors double checked for vacuum leaks.Im going to pick up the ecm coolant temp switch and flush the radiator and try some fuel injector cleaner. Ill post back tonight with update and hopefully progress.
  2. 96 ls400 with 250,000 miles.Tune up 3 months ago, motor and trans mount replaced 2 weeks ago. So I took off my throttle body and cleaned large amount of the black sludge from TB and inside the intake plenum. I also removed PS pump and alt to repair pump leak and clean up mess. Some coolant leaked out when hose was removed. Store is 12 miles away so I just added water as a temparary solution. Started car- CEL came on and thru 5 codes -P0308 -P1509 -P0113 -P0118 -P1298 I checked for vacuum leaks before the "cleaning" the car drove beautifully with no CEL. I put 10 miles on it since. Ive read a buch of post and would like some suggestions on where to start. Im hesitant about doing the "Italion tune up". I'm getting the ecm coolant temp sensor and will flush the coolant today. All feed back is appriecaited.
  3. I have upper and lower rear seats and the center console pad. They are tan. Came from a 1996 LS400 These will need to recovered. You could use these to put in the interior shop while keeping your car intact. What ever you want to do they are free. Im in San Leandro, CA Let me know