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  1. Thanks for all the great info. Deflated all the tires including the spare. Did the reset and did the proper inflation of the tires. Warning light on dash is now off.
  2. I held the reset after I filled the front and back tires @ 35lbs. The light was still on. I did not know the spare may also need inflated ( did not know spare had a sensor). This weekend I will put all tires @ 25lbs. and reset then I will put all tires @ 35 lbs. Thanks for the wealth of info very much appreciated.
  3. Just did front and back...had no idea the spare had a sensor. I'll check that thanks.
  4. It's on. So I took my air compressor and put in 35#s of air in each tire. I put key to ON pos. and held the reset button until the 3 blinks were done. Light is still on. This is the first I have had to add air to the tires, usually the mechanic checks @ oil changes. They were low around 30#s. It's a 09', could it be a bad sensor or did I put too much air in the tires...does over inflated tire engage the light also? Thanks
  5. Thanks Paul and Scott I will check all suggestions out. Appreciate the info.
  6. Where is the best place to purchase rear seat floor Matt's? I would want them to match so they fit the floor hooks so they stay secure. I have the tan interior. I didn't know if there was a online place where they could be purchased or just go to the Lexus dealer. Thanks
  7. I or my wife had no problems driving in Michigan on slippery roads this past winter. Never any problems handled superb. I tried to make it spin out a couple times and all it did was grip the road better
  8. I just purchased a 2009 with around 35000 miles for my wife and we are very happy with purchase. AWD
  9. Ok Thanks for the info...hopefully not too expensive to repair if it is bad
  10. I drove it for a short distance after I reset and pushed the buttons and they stayed on during the trip where we went in a store. Stayed on the whole time I drove home. I went inside the house with the manual and went back out and started the 350 and lights were off. Don't know if it takes awhile for it to reset or what? No lights on.
  11. Just went back out and started again. Everything is indicator light on
  12. My wife came home and these are lit on the dash. I turned off ignition light still is on. I have the off button under dash and a "SET" button next to it. How do I reset again so these are not displayed any more. It does show VSC off on light indicator. I pushed the button for 3 seconds do I have to push the "SET"button @ same time. Thanks
  13. Thanks Paul for the quick responses. Yeah who knows why it didn't work yesterday. Maybe too cold....around 6 degrees in Michigan :)
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