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  1. Thanks for the good suggestions. I am going to check out the new Lexus hybrid but I think the best suggestions are the 00-07 LS regards
  2. My wife's LS430 has reached 107K miles and she has started petitioning for a replacement and here is where I could use some advice. I bought the car off-lease at an auction 5 years ago. The LS430 has been a fantastic vehicle and and generally reliable but the sheer excellence in execution makes finding a suitable replacement a real challenge. My wife has expressed interest in a Prius and the great mileage but I think that might be too much of a sea-change from the LS430. The new Lexus Hybrid might be just right but the mileage doesn't seem that great (road tested at 29-30 mpg) - the LS43
  3. OKAY - did this yesterday. Took me 15 mintues to find the damn DVD player but once found it was a 5 minute job and about 3 minutes to load the new software. It is on the righ side of the trunk next to the spare tire. I have a 2001 LS430 so this updated by (original) system software and the map. I noticed a couple of new features like the day/nigh reverse color option. I paid $258 with tax at the local dealer. $100 to install is lauaghable - they should do it for free if you buy the disk.
  4. In a word, $150 is a rip for an alignment, although that probably includes bagels or donuts. You can get it done at Sears, NTW or any tire shop for no more than $80. I can symthazie since I just paid $140 at the local dealer cause I was in for some warranty work. In retrospect I should have said no.
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