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  1. Thanks for the informative answers! Now i got 2 things less to worry about but of course i'm also interested in other owners opinion on those topics! I'm glad that the Mark Levinson is okay for what i listen to and that the white leather can be cleaned easily is a relief! I'd would be also interested in a picture of the white leather seats after being used for a few months Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everyone (: I'm from Frankfurt, Germany and i just got from Audi to Lexus - i drove a Audi RS6 before but Audis customer service and also reliability is really horrible! So anyway, we got a huge street here in Frankfurt with every car brand available, so i checked out everything else and in the end got stuck between Mercedes C63 AMG and Lexus IS-F - BMW wasnt in question, i drove a M3 once and i didnt like the sound and feeling - hard to explain - also the BMW salesmen here in Frankfurt are extremly arrogant and act like they're something special - they only dropped their attitude after they knew about my job - also every single person in germany drives a bmw and even M3 - Its always interesting how german luxury cars are so special in the US and in germany everyone has a BMW, Mercedes and Porsche! It was pure coincidence that i went to the Lexus dealer here - in Germany Lexus isn't well known and a really really rare car brand! So i didnt know anything about it but i automatically fell in love with a 2008 used IS-F that was standing in the showroom, had 69.000km on it and i wasnt interested in it, but it got my attention! Later on the IAA Auto Show in Frankfurt i visited the Lexus area and saw that absolutely magnificent Starfire Pearl 2012 Lexus IS-F and fell in love again! So after a long chat with one of the women there about the leather quality etc. i decided to visit the Lexus in Frankfurt again, and had a test-drive with that used old IS-F - and that test-drive convinced me! Also that extremly friendly, helpful and pretty Saleswoman there convinced me aswell - never had a salesperson in such a good mood! At BMW they all got sticks up their *** - at Mercedes they put you under pressure and at Audi they're often in a bad mood and just play nice Anyway - so now i ordered a Starfire Pearl Lexus IS-F with white interior and it will arrive in March and i can't wait! (: Now to my questions! - I read alot about the Mark Levinson system being bad concerning bass sounds and reliability - I read the threads here, i mostly listen to calm classical music or rock while driving, is it good enough for that? - Can i use the goodlooking grey/black rims for my winter wheels? What would you recommend? the winter rims they got at Lexus for the IS-F in silver are not likable at all for me - Is there a huge difference between the hard feeling while driving in an older IS-F model to the new 2012? I read that its more comfortable now, but do you really feel a difference? Lets say you switch between Normal and Sport-Mode - in the old IS-F i didnt feel a change except for the acceleration and steering - Will i regret the white leather? At Lexus they told me that it is not really sensitive for colored jeans for example - true? Anyone here got a Lexus with the white leather seats and can show me or tell me how they look like after a few months? - Is there anything else i need to know? anything i shouldn't try out because it voids my warranty? except the usual of course! For example the Nissan GT-R's warranty is voided if something breaks when using launch-control - the is-f doesnt have one but i can do it with it - also what about the brembo brakes? I heard they're very good, i dont intend to drive on a race-track except once at Nürburgring do try it - are they good enough for racing and durable? Thanks in advance and i will post pictures of course when i got it with a review! (: