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  1. I like that AB Flug rear spoiler... nice
  2. removed resonator box removed power steering removed A/C removed cruise control weight reduction venting the hood if that doesnt do anything try some drift stickers.
  3. thats exactly what i want.. expect in 5spd please.
  4. you can go check out junkyards or check forums for people parting out thier cars.
  5. the best would be a rare hard-top chasis good luck finding it. as for the luxury items if you are making a drift car all that crap is going to be ripped out
  6. your making that kind of power w/ that setup? wow are you running the stock motor? ( i still haven't gotten all the lingo down yet 1jz 2jz etc etc. )
  7. hmm. have you seen indiglo needles? they are pretty nice not at all ricey to me anyways. i was thinking about getting the red needles and installing red LEDs behind the dash. since the stock dash lights aren't that great anyways both these mods are just stuff that you are going to have to fix sooner or later so why not make and upgrade(if you can call it that) while your at it.
  8. whats your e-mail? I cant send e-mail using the forum, must be a dirty no0b trick. mines buddylove718@hotmail.com
  9. i've never gotten any feedback from honda owners on this tire its all from 240 guys... its crap on ice though... never thought about the weight of the car being so different.
  10. 1st let me get into my flame proof suit. ok indiglo needles from www.importintelligence.com and i was thinking aobut taking the headlight ( which will have a bad seal most likely ) and opening it and painting the inside black/chrome(possible) will this affect lighting? or it can't be done/has it been done. etc etc. thanks.
  11. wutever you do don't buy a black/black 5spd. i hear those things are cursed.. look at AWJ.
  12. Kumho ESCTA SUPRA 712 - i've heard only good things great dry / good wet / good wear and great price. what more could you ask for!?
  13. www.venus-auto.com www.flashoptions.com www.google.com
  14. aw how ghey. do you just need the pumpkin or you need the flanges and stuff too. not even the "JDM" SC came w/ it? arent they like drifting machines watever?
  15. are you talking about the air box resonator box? you could always make youre intake piping or have a shop custom weld you one. much cheaper than INJEN brand
  16. i searched... are there TRIM levels? i havent read anything about it. no SE LE XE? i read something about gold package?
  17. those supra rims are really nice, they look so stock but are so wide.
  18. well if you lighten the front that should balance it a little more no?.. CF hood, batt reloc, rip out A/C Cruise Power steering(nah!) and .8 isnt that bad considering the new EVO has a .9 arent supras and SCs in the same price range? I've seen many supras for around 9K+
  19. i found a few 5spd... i dont have a problem with finding 2/3 of the things i want... its 3/3 that i have yet to see.
  20. wow 3500 pds. is that more, or less than a supra? 55/45 is pretty good .8g's on skidpad is pretty good.
  21. hrmm whats the curb weight of a 95 V6 ? and whats the weight ratio ? 50:50?
  22. you should check under the car for sign of rust, also check under the gas door, if the car just got a new paint job it could be a sign of a rust problem. is this a california car?
  23. yea i saw that, it was nice. but i also saw fast and furious hahah j/k i dunno I kinda prefer light a nimble cars and since i've never driven a SC , i was just wondering how the handle compared to cars like S13's and RX7s and even CR-Xs..
  24. and 95 came w/ the black/black ... sounds like a winner to me.
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