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  1. I started this thread to see if others have experienced the same issue and also solicit ideas/suggestions for help given my situation. So, I do appreciate all of the comments and time taken, thanks. @Paul A. you get it. As I mentioned before, it is not about the $250, just the inability to get warranty coverage (which I believe I am legally entitled to), and the blow off from both the dealer/service and Lexus customer service. In the beginning they said I must have tried to pry up the console - which makes no sense at all, nor can I conjure any example of why anyone would want to on a brand new car. Lastly they said I scratched it with excessive force - which if you saw it, makes less sense than trying to pry up a wooden console (I see that my pictures didn't upload. So, I will try again tomorrow for what it is worth). In the end, I really do love my RX and my GS, but I am so incredibly disappointed by this. Maybe it would be a different story if I bought the GS used or it was more than a year old (with surely more than 6k miles after 11 months). But, it is not.
  2. No personally I wouldn't. My time is far more valuable than that...I have already said I would GO IN the dealership and sit and wait until the GM came out and saw me and show him exactly what was wrong and let him tell me to my face that he would not fix it. It could be that the reason that they are not going to cover it is because to them it appears to be caused by the owner...if so ask them. I had a situation with my RX330 where the sunroof actually came off of the tracks and bent the tracks up. At first they told me it wouldn't be covered...when I said are you kidding me let me talk to you supervisor they said we are going to take care of it for you. Had they not fixed it under warranty I would have been extremely *BLEEP*ed. I can't believe a dealer that you bought your car from is not willing to work with you at all. If they are willing to go 50/50 with you they must not be convinced that you did the damage to it. I still think the best bet is to talk to the GM.
  3. Well, I contacted the JM Enterprises CEO and also the Margate, FL GM, but there was no reply. I ended up contacting Lexus customer care directly, which said they would investigate the situation and get back to me. There is now a third crack that starts from the edge cup holder (closest to the armrest) and ends near the Leather. I cannot tell without finding a magnifying glass, but I believe the cracks are on the wood itself (under the acrylic). Lexus customer care called back today saying that there was nothing else they will do. Stating that they are scratches caused by "external force." The service center first said that they will cover 50% of the repair as goodwill. I had explained again, that this should be covered. They came back and said they would do the repair for a $250 deductible, again good will. At this point it really isn't about the money, just the fact that I can't get warranty coverage when I insist, there has been no abuse, excessive force, etc. I am disappointed that this will be my last purchase, and we were ready to upgrade the RX to a GX. I am attaching the photos the service department sent to Lexus for assessment.
  4. Thanks for the replies. The service manager said he had not seen anything like this before. So, he took pictures and sent them to Lexus manufacturing. The response was that "one crack would indicate material issues, but two must mean it was tampered with." I again assured them honestly that there was no tampering or misuse at all. I will try the GM today. This is very frustrating.
  5. I purchased my 2011 GS 350 brand new. It has less thank 6K miles on it, and it is well taken care of. At some point the center wooden console developed two cracks. There is one going from the ashtray, left to the edge, and another going from the right side going to the passenger cup holder. The dealer/service department will not cover it under warranty. There was absolutely no abuse or misuse. They offered good will reduction in repair cost, but I don't feel I should pay anything out of pocket for something that has to be material and/or assembly related. This car is not even one year old. Service management won't budge. Has anyone else had this problem? Why wouldn't this be covered under warranty? Thanks in advance for any help.