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  1. Dear freinds i had disconnect the battary for my ls400 to set the the throttle . but After connecting the terminal the steering wheel didnt does down (as usual when you insurt the key ) and the steering wheel didnt goes up and down , only to the front and back any one had encounter this problem before Best Regards
  2. You stated the reason yourself. It is because you diconnected the battery. Both the moonroof and power windows will have to be "normalized", in other words, they have relearn their respective programming. The instructions are clearly described in your owners manual and previously in this thread. Simply stated: Moonroof: push and hold the UP button unitl the moon roof tilts all the way up and then down a little automatically. Windows: 1. push down the power window switch for each window using the switch of each door so that the window goes halfway down. 2. then pull up the switch unitl the windows close and hold the switch for one second. steviej thanks steivej for your comments , i had tried it and never success ,that's why i write in the forums because till now i didn't catch the solution regards
  3. guys i had fixed it by disconnecting the battery and reconnect it for 12 min. but you have to reset the windows and the moon roof so if any one face this problem , now he had the solution regards
  4. good day guys i had similar problem , my one touch operation for the moon roof is working but not properly, this happened after i disconnect the battery and reconnect it. the first one touch operation should open the moon roof up to the half ,and the second will open it full , what is happening now the first touch open it up to 80% rather than 50% as it was before ,but the one touch closing is working properly and tilted as well any idea thanks
  5. dear all i have lexus GS300 2009 , last week while i was washing it by mistake i click and open the lid trunck twice , the frist one were open but when i cliked the second time a stange sound comming and auto closure mechanisume were not working , so i closed it manually , and i tryed to open it again it failed to open , just a sound from the transmiter and didnt open . any one can help me if he face this problem before. regards