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  1. 2003 SC430 purchased new from Longo Lexus I bought the car in 2003 April. Everything's great, except for the driver side tweeter. I noticed that the sound quality is awful when I listen to talk radio. It is very staticky and scratchy at times. unfortunately, the problem is intermittent, and of course, as soon as I take my car in to the dealer it "behaves," and I look like an idiot. Not being able to detect problem, Longo first tried padding the speaker, which did not help. They also tried taking the thing apart to see if that would help locate the cause, to no avail. The car's warranty covers all costs. I wonder how many 2003 sc430 owners face similar problems - I doubt it, as I was told that the audio system we have is top notch if not the best currently available in the market.