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  1. getting my timing belt changed today!

  2. Gee, thanks guys.
  3. Hey everyone, I just traded in my 06 RX400h for an 05 GX, and the right DRL is out. What bulb do I replace it with? Is it easy to replace? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank y'all. I just charged it. Started right up. She's a trooper :)
  5. Hey everyone! I left one of my windows down today. I went out and put the key in and turned it to "on", reached over and picked something up, and got out of the car. I went out there 3 hours later, and I nearly had a stroke. I tried turning it on and tried locking it. Nothing happened. My battery is dead (obviously not the hybrid battery). I just need to know exactly what to do from here. Do I just go and buy a new battery? What kind do I get? How do I put it in? Do I have to reset anything? Thank you so much for your help!
  6. Do I need to have this done by the dealer at 90k miles?
  7. Oh, and I hope you didnt buy it at a luxury car lot. My brother works for mercedes, and they tell him to trash every Lexus that comes on the lot to make people despise them. I hope you bought it at a Toyota or Lexus dealership.
  8. The Lexus quiz is wrong.

    Lexus stands for nothing specifically. They started with Alexis and changed it to Lexis. One of the boeard members changed it to Lexus and it stuck because it was more luxurious.

    I know I answered each one except for the one about the LFA and the Royal Wedding.

    How did I get a 69% for that?!

  9. Hi, Ive had my 2006 RX400h for less than a month. I took the oil cap off, and there is a black layer of crusty oil. Is this a sign of the oil sludge? I do notice a nudge at 40 MPH exactly that doesnt just go away as if it were the engine kicking on. Im very worried. I have 78k miles. Will Toyota fix it if its sludge, or will I have to?
  10. Hi, I just got my 2006 RX400h, and if Im driving 40 miles per hour, I feel the car nudge a little and sort of slowly jerk. Is this from an engine cutting on or off or is this some serious problem? Idk if the dealer put in 87 or 91. I love Toyota products and trust them, but I know that every car can have a few problems.
  11. Thank you! I am trying to attach photos. Did they work? The dark one is one the dealer sent the night before he delivered her. The side picture is of her in the rain today. The rear picture is of her an hour after she was delivered yesterday.
  12. Hey, y'all! My name is Seth, and I am from Arkansas. I've always been a Toyota enthusiast, so when my parents let me choose a 2006 Lexus RX400h as my first car rather than a 2011 Toyota Corolla, I was psyched! She is bamboo pearl with navigation and (idk if this is standard or now) a Mark Levinson sound system. I know I will enjoy her until I get a new Lexus out of college. Feel free to post your Lexus story here!