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  1. I don't know of those features on the 2002. It will be till August before I go to the dealer for service and I'll ask.
  2. I want to install a rear view camera on a 2002 LX470 under the rear wind deflector. I know that the later models have this great option and looking to integrate it into the oem nav/dvd. Has any used an after-market OEM video integration kit for their lexus lx470? Thanks for any help.
  3. It might have some very minor aerodynamic benefits for economy as well (stated by boat dealer on pulling trailers). Can't say if it keeps the window cleaner as I do get some of the rear window dirt you talk about from dust roads. And it does look cool. B)
  4. Update: The one item the dealer thought could cause the VSC problem was low front tire pressure. The side I was having the VSC engage (front left) was the tire that was 15 psi low. They thought that this causes the vehicle to lean farther to the left when I would make a right turn at freeway speeds. The VSC is not just about loss of traction, the lean can do it too. I've not had trouble with the VSC since all tires are at recommended pressure. I notice I have to put air into the front tires once a week. It's good to keep the pressure right for many reasons. Hope that helps.
  5. HI - Seeking any help or advice on a scary problem with the automatic Vehicle Stability Control on my LX470 year 2002. Twice in the last month the loss of traction alarm sounds, lights light up in the main display, and then the left side brakes pump 2 or 3 times. When the VSC engages, it brakes pretty hard, not locking, but Hard on the left side. The whole vehicle then pulls to the left and I have to steer right to keep in my lane. Both times I was driving about 65 mph on a dry clean freeway with a slight right curve. The first time I was inside a tunnel here in the San Francisco ba
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