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  1. I too have the air suspension on my 93 LS400. If your car is riding level, and not dropping after sitting overnight, it's working and not loosing air pressure. There is a switch in the trunk (93 model) which allows you to turn off the air system for when you need to raise the car on a lift for maintenance. I also have, (and you may also), a switch by the transmission selector that raises the car slightly. If you throw that switch to ride height "high", you can hear the compressor running, and will see the car rise up. Throw the switch back to normal, and the car slowly drops back to the normal ride height. Check your manual for switches and controls. I have recently replaced one of the struts as the bladder started to leak. It's not cheap, but you don't have many options if one develops a leak. I'll change them one at a time as they go bad due to the cost. One nice thing... The air suspension provides a superior ride compared to springs. Enjoy it!
  2. I had the same experience... removed and re-installed the cluster. The air bag light comes on each time you unplug the cluster and plug it back in. I had my local dealer re-set it, No charge. They do it through the diagnostic computer. My local mechanic was not able to re-set it.
  3. I think the gentlemen wouldn't mind at all if I post his name and contact info...I contacted him on the phone first, discussed my problem, he quoted me a very fair price, and I am very happy with the result. He is David Ruberg, 507-452-9664, Winona MN.
  4. I too had a guage repair, (twice actually) and found that each time you disconnect the gauges, and then re-connect, it lights the air bag light. My lexus dealer re-set it for free...If you can believe it!. If you bring the car into a dealer, make sure you tell them to just RE-SET the air bag light, not diagnose the "problem" ( you know what caused it). This should keep the cost to a minimum. Good luck!
  5. I also have the "old" factory phone in my 93 LS400. I agree it's not a good idea to activate it, BUT it still can be use to dial "911", and will connect you to the police in an emergency.
  6. I have a 93 LS400 that had one bad needle, and a non-functioning gas guage. I found a guy (an electrical engineer) in MN who has a lot of experience with repairing ALL Lexus instrument problems. I sent him mine, after speaking with him on the phone. It was repaired within 24 hours, 2 year warrantee, and works great. All much less expensive than the dealer. Email me if you like, I'll send you his name, Phone# and email address. Also, the removal of the instrument cluster is actually fairly easy. I can give you a few hints on that too. Email me at "jswett@optonline.net" Added 12-13-05: His name is David Ruberg, 507-452-9664, Winona MN.
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