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  1. Are the Cargo floor pad latches replaceable and if so, what is the part number? Ours no longer hold the cargo floor down and appear to have something in them that's binding - like may be sand. I've added two pix. The button on top is pushed down to release the latch and lift up the cargo floor. There are two of these in the cargo area.
  2. Where is the fuse for the 12 volt outlet in the armrest on a 2001 ES 300?
  3. How do you get the springloaded lever back in the cupholder? We have a 2001 ES300, in which the springloaded lever which helps hold a drink in the cupholder has come out. It doesn't look like it is broken, just popped out. HELP!
  4. dole2000--I got the one Circuit City recommended for my 91 LS400, which is DEI Rattler110D. We are happy with it, and it works great. :D
  5. Thank you to all who post here. I found answers to all our immediate repair problems: keyless entry and climate control/clock display. I'm still looking for floor mats. Last Saturday a problem developed in the passenger door. We can't open it from the outside---from the inside works fine. Someone posted instructions in another topic on how to remove the door panel. I printed them off, but haven't had time to try them. You are all knowledgeable, proud Lexus owners; I can tell.
  6. <_< I found part numbers for the rear mats: L rear 00208-50900GB-2 and R rear 00208-50900GB-1 I think the GB stands for the color gray blue. However, I don't think they make this color for LS400 any more. I've checked a couple websites. So I may have to purchase a new set if I want them to match. :(
  7. ;) We would like to replace the front floor mats on our 91 Lexus LS400. Since the rear mats still look like new, we would like to have matching mats for the front. Most places I've checked sell by the set only. Is it possible to purchase front only to match the original rear ones?
  8. Our 91 Lexus LS400 has a darkened Clock/Climate Control display like many others. I have been checking out all the options on Ebay with "remotes4cars", "lex-pert", "moto-speedred", "duluthelectronicsmaster", etc. Most have a kit or whole unit to sell. However, now I noticed "vals_mart" who will email "info how to fix the LED for almost 5 times cheaper then buying the new climate control system." ( Is this a hoax? ;)
  9. Thank you, 93LSowner, for the keyless entry advice. I got the entry system from Circuit City last week and had it installed today. I can't wait to show my husband! It locks and unlocks the doors, turns on the entry lights, opens the trunk, locks doors when the engines starts and unlocks when I turn the engine off-----a lot more than the original Lexus key-----and a whole lot less expensive than ordering somethng from Lexus!! :D
  10. 93LSowner, I like your idea of a remote security system from Circuit City. Is this a do-it-yourself project? Has anyone done this and do you have any instructions for a 91 LS400? Is there a specific brand that works better on Lexus than any other, etc.? You're right about opening doors only 3 feet away, if at all. I would like one that's more consistent like our 2001 ES 300.
  11. We recently purchased a 1991 LS400. It has one remote key with remote button on the side, and we would like another one. Since Lexus charged $75 for an extra master key(not remote), I have been checking them out on Ebay. What do I need to know to purchase an extra key on Ebay? Also how do I program the key?
  12. We miss having a compass in our Lexus. I've looked at several, but don't know which B) to get. Has anyone purchased and installed one that looks good, as well as operates accurately?
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