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  1. Thank you death. I performed the above mentioned. Worked perfect! Very happy! I was tired of the sqeak..*BLEEP*in me off... Thank you so much!! You rock!
  2. There is a very simple solution to the squeaks and rattles. Go to your local craft store...hobby lobby, michaels...ect. Buy some felt, colored to match your interior of course. Fold it up long ways, and stuff it down in between you dash and windows, from dash speaker, to dash speaker. Stuff it down until you cant see it. Use a scewdriver, with the tip taped up so you dont scratch anything. This will solve all the rattles. I had the same issues with mine, and this took all the rattles out. Completly silent now. Mine took 5 sheets of the felt and it costed me $1.95 for the felt......lot less than having the dealer do the exact same. Even if you are still under warranty, this took me less than 5 minutes and less than the amount of gas to take it to the dealer.... Hope this helps.....
  3. Michelin Pilot Sports A/S is the best tire for the money and performace there is to put on your GS. Tomall of those who suggested these know what you are talking about. Good job!!
  4. I have a gs300 2006. My front squeaks and makes alot of noise while making turns and starting from stopped position. Can anyone tell me why by any chance? I would appreciate it.
  5. How many miles are on your Lexus? Its an 07, it is still under the warranty. It should be fixed for free at any Lexus dealer. 5 YR bumper to bumper..
  6. it is in your manual. It explains it very easily. But for some reason, you will feel like they need to be adjusted up....more on the road. But mine are the same as yours.....and I cant get them up enough either. I am stopping at the lexus of north hills dealer on wednesday, I will ask them...
  7. I wanna put factory gs350 18" wheels on my lexus that has 17" wheels. Is this possible? And, will if effect the AWD? Need help......please
  8. shiga78

    2006 GS300

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