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  1. I saw a show where 15 year old girls are on birth control. Geez. If a guy was with me because he thought my store was open 24 hours a day, Id tell him to shop somewhere else and Id go find a new customer.

  2. Girls night out. If you see my Rule 62 run away. Im more trouble than you can handle. Come to think of it. More than I can handle!

  3. Was looking for her car and realized the snow ate it.

  4. Was at a stop light and happened to look over and is now wondering why people think they are invisible when they pick their noses in the car?

  5. No. It doesnt lol. I wish I had kept the ad for it. It is a 430 and somebody told me that it has all this extra stuff but I really dont know what it is. Something to do with the suspension too. I guess i can call a lexus dealership and ask. : ( It was bought in the states. Im in Canada maybe you were looking in Canada.
  6. Sigh. Im tired of chasing my dreams. I'm just going to ask where they're going and hook up with them later.

  7. I bought a 2004 black on black GS 430 sports edition Lexus. I dont know what that means. I know that I cant seem to find any other cars out there that look like mine. It has a spoiler and there is a navigation system in it. But thats all i know. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. The first guy who said he turned off the car and turned it on and it worked happened to me. I couldnt control anything and I had originally figured it was because the knob was loose. Even the ASL wouldnt show up. But that appeared after the car was restarted to. As for the recall I have a 2004 so does this apply to me?
  9. Though Im Canadian, the car is American made. Or rather it was transferred here a few years ago after the previous owner. Im irritated it doesnt have it. For a luxury vehicle with every option it should. Even Fords have this. I do have the manual as mentioned. Still stuck on that radio issue. Once you change it its hard to change to another station.
  10. I would like to know first 1.If my car has bluetooth. Im assuming it does as its the GS430 2004 model. If I do how does this work. 2. How do I keep a change the radio station? I mean I know that for example I go to FM 2 and there are six boxes. I pick for example 94.5 but then decide to change that. So I click scan find the radio station I want. Say 104.5 But when I press on it to change it just goes back to 94.5. I now have THREE 94.5. : ( I need some help.
  11. I get really bad mileage on my 2004 black on black Lexus GS430. I was told it would be 500 per 80 fill and its almost at half a tank and its at 125 already. Id like to know if this is normal. And secondly while trying to find out what I can do about this I saw this I dont know if it works but it sounds legit. And it was showing a lexus SUV and it worked.
  12. No. Its a code. He wrote it down and showed me what it said. I saw small leak in system. I cant remember which system. CV joints are on the back?
  13. They guy who looked at it races cars and buys and sells cars from the states. Hes usually pretty good. Hes well known and expensive. He says the engine light code showed a slow very small leak so he said to replace the gas cap and see if that changes. If not then he says its about 60$ to do a smoke thing where no matter how small the leak is, he will be able to find it. I asked him about the thump and he was confused as he said the CV joint seemed tight and the ball joints were fine. But yet that is the same sound I am hearing that I had on another car and it was I believe ball joints. : (
  14. No. I just saw that I cant post here. I put my dilemna in the 2004 second generation forum.
  15. I just bought a LEXUS GS430 black on black. The guy who had it put 4000 in mods. Seemed okay. The guy said it may need a CV joint. Had a mechanic look at it and it checked out. Two days later I hear a thumping everytime I go over a bump on the passenger side only. THEN the engine light went on. Im getting someone to check out the code. As for the thumping I dont know how the mechanic could have missed it. Maybe its a ball joint instead? Im worried as I just bought the car. I figured its from toyota so Im hoping this is not going to be a money pit.
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