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  1. I had a similar problem and convinced the used car dealer that cars come with 2 keys( if you lose your master you need a new computer parts and labor over 2000 plus a stuck car) It cost 150 for the key and 30 to program it. I have seen key blanks on ebay for 50. The problem is getting someone to cut it. Lexus getst he key cut from your VIN in Ohio not localy. I am not sure a local lock smith will cut the special lexus key. HTH
  2. I believe it was standard and the replacement part for it is 400.00 pretty pricey for some plastic and vinyl
  3. I bought a used rx300awd( great deal only 26700 miles) It lokks pretty optioned up has all (except for the nakimichi stereo it would say ankimichi onit correct?) How can I tell for visucaly looking at the rear diff if it has the torsen limited slip. Or can you tell from the vin.
  4. I think that is just for the kwy programming is extra do youknow how much a regualr dealer charges to program it?
  5. they are assembled in the us the parts are still japanese.
  6. so far he has not replied any other ideas?
  7. discount tires this is also a good site I have had great luck with tire rack also
  8. my off lease did not come with the supplement I need the pages where it details the maintence sched can some kind soul scan it and email to me or snail mail it? TIA ;)
  9. I got an off lease rx300 sweet deal but only one key I have heard that the dealers charge 300 per key but that you can get them for less, anyone got any recomendations for spare keys?
  10. well acura is not quite that bad the keys are cheaper and the maintence schedual is a two pager in the main manual. It seems to me if the car is more expensive that a lot of the petty BS should be included
  11. BTW what is up with lexus? They sure nickel and dollar you to death on parts. My car came with the manual but not the supplemental one with the maintence schedual. they acutualy sell the damn thing for 15.00 WTF? Anyone can you copy that particular part and mail it or scan it and email it to me? Again an off lease car no second key or valet key price for key replacment 300 view on my face as I pay that priceless. david
  12. old news and pictures go over to supraforums for the real skinny. I'll keep my 93.5 TT as the new one is supposed to be a na v6 yucch
  13. okay I'll bite other then using the proper oil and interval( I personaly still adhere to 3000 or 3 or a little longer if I am using synthetic) what is properly changing the oil?
  14. hi guys just got a nice used one today with 27000 miles on it. What oil sludge problem? the car came with only one key. any sources for additional keys besides the dealer? Is it true 300 for a spare key!
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