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  1. Possibly caused by road salt build up on the discs, during the winter my 2011 350 with 40K always makes a grinding noise first thing in the morning when backing out of the garage,so after four years I don't worry about it any more.
  2. I have Michelin Latitude HP tires in size 235/60/18 as standard equipment on my 2011 and really like them. I believe that some also came with Bridgestone Duellers and Dunlops. Most posters on the Club Lexus site seem to prefer the Michelins. If your car has the 19" wheels I think the Dunlops were standard and many posters don't like them. Check out the website. They have quite a number of tires listed to fit the 2010-13 RX and you can use their pricing to negotiate a better price from a dealer here in Ontario.
  3. The space under the wood is not a sunglasses holder but is supposed to be for two coffee cups. There should be a plastic divider with built in adjustable cup holders in there. I would go to either a wrecking yard or a Lexus dealer and get both pieces unless your RX is a CPO vehicle. In that case take it back to the dealer and tell them you want the missing parts! Did you get an owner's manual for the car? The manual shows the missing pieces so you will know what they look like when you go looking for them.
  4. Here is a link for those of us who live north of the border and want ratings on most of the winter (snow) tires available in Canada. This list is much more comprehensive than either the Tire Rack, which only sells a few brands, or Consumer Reports which didn't test too many winter tires. For those non Canadians reading this post the APA is a well established Canadian consumer protection organization helping car owners. I am not and never have been a member but admire their work.
  5. My dealer is selling a 17" package with Toyota steel wheels and a 17" alloy package with Lexus alloy wheels. I am confident that one of Lexus/Toyota's oldest and most successful family owned dealerships would not sell packages that would cause damage to my 2011 RX350. When I priced out Tire Rack 18" packages with non Lexus/Toyota wheels I found it cheaper to buy the dealer's 17" package which includes TPS, balancing and installation. The package is going on my car on November 16th. I'll report back on both the US and Canadian Lexus sites! BTW: both you fellow Canadians should check out the Lexus factory tour via the Canadian Lexus website. Also checkout the Lexus RX forums on If you have a look at the Lexus rattles comments you will see a couple of comments by a real idiot who attacks Canada and our Canadian made RX350s. Some New Jersey residents do their best to live up to the image projected by the "Jersey Shores" tv show! Re: RX 350 Rattles [kwbuggy] by mitchellrowe Oct 09, 2011 (7:18 am) "Replying to: kwbuggy (Oct 09, 2011 6:41 am) mr buggy : i know you are canadian , as you quote your meter in kilometers . like a hockey game , you wish to defend your canadian junk plant for lexus meat wagons . ..... FACT IS ; I HAD A 2011 AND SHE WAS QUIET AS COULD BE EXPECTED BY A LEXUS . ONLY NOISE I HEARD WAS THE MICHELIN'S WHISKING FDOWN THE ROAD . THE 2012 IS A RATMOBILE TO THE N'TH DEGREE . i didn't ask for your suggestion , which you graciously volenteered to "take it back to the dealer" . I will reply to your suggestion , and reply : THE DEALER DID NOT BUILD THE CAR , THE CANADIANS DID . MORE THAN LIKELY THERE WAS A PART SHORTAGE , OR THE LINE MEN WERE STILL RECOVERING FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE'S HOCKEY GAME . my suecond suggestion is : KEEP YOUR 2011 , and DOM'T TRADE IT FOR A NEW ONE UNTIL LEXUS GET'S IT'S PARTS IN ORDER , GOES BACK TO BUILD THE MODEL IN JAPAN ." What a moron!!!!!
  6. I don't think so, you just had to log on to the Canadian Lexus website and go to the owners area. They register you by the VIN of the car. One of the people I talked to on the tour had a CPO Lexus and there were several older model RX's in the valet line up at Langdon Hall. That was a really nice touch, they lined all of our 20+ cars up on the front lawn for us while we were at the plant. You don't even have to own an RX to take the tour, a couple of other models (IS, ES) were there as well. Probably ask your Lexus dealer if Lexus US doesn't have an owners link on the website. If you were to take the tour next October you could attend our Kitchener/Waterloo Octoberfest afterwards!
  7. I had the same question because Sirius has CBC Newsworld and XM doesn't. (I need to keep up on Canadian news while in Florida in the winter) Since they are now one company I expected it to be any easy fix but was told by the dealer, by Sirius Canada and by XM Canada that I would have to buy an entirely new radio for my '11 RX. I chose to renew the XM after being promised that they will realign their channels in the near future now that they have amalgamated here in Canada. Not sure if this is true in the USA.
  8. My wife and I just toured the LEXUS plant on Thursday. We found out about it on the Lexus Canada owners website. It is one of the perks for buying a Lexus. The whole event was tremendous, first lunch at Langdon Hall, then a tour of the Lexus (South plant) then bussed back to Langdon Hall. Check out the Langdon Hall website if you want a great place to stay before/after your tour. Very pricey, but worth every cent! The tour guides (retired teachers) were well informed and didn't rush the tour, explaining every step of the process. I was amazed at the automation in the plant, robots do almost all the heavy work. The quality checks that are built into the process are also extremely extensive. These are very well built cars! I'm not sure how US owners get on the tour but there was an American couple there, I didn't get a chance to ask them.
  9. Attached is the price list of the winter tire/wheel packages my dealer (Heffner Lexus) offers. I'm sure that most, if not all, Canadian Lexus dealers offer similar packages at competitive prices. These prices include TPS and installation on the car but not tax.
  10. You might want to check out your dealer, mine offers wheel and tire packages, including 17" steel wheels from RAV4s with TPS and Michelin X Ice tires for about $1900 installed with all necessary hardware. Pretty good deal and of course covered by warranty unlike wheels you buy from non Lexus sources. The wrong offset on your wheels can destroy the AWD system in less than one winter so be careful if you buy something other than Lexus/Toyota wheels.
  11. Why would you want to turn the seat belt chime off? Seat belt use is required by law in all Canadian provinces (including Quebec) and many US states and the chime reminds us to put the belt on. If you don't put the belt on the chime goes off automatically after a minute or so anyway, which is probably quicker than all this turning the RX off and on and pushing trip reset buttons, etc., etc.
  12. I'd had WeatherTech cargo mats in the last three cars I owned before buying my RX350 in April. I bought the Lexus one from the dealer because it was $10 cheaper than the WeatherTEch and I could get it right away. To be honest it looks just like a WeatherTech except it says Lexus. I wouldn't be surprised it MacNeil Industries (the maker of WeatherTech) also makes the cargo mats and floor mats for Lexus. BTYW I managed to wear out a WeatherTech rubber mat after seven years. They replaced it free but the new material is nowhere as sturdy seeming as the original English made rubber mat. The new one is some sort of stiff plastic stuff and very thin.
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