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  1. I priced the Lexus vs. aftermarket glass for my 04 LS430 and began to assume that all aftermarket glass must be inferior, but I decided to research the specs for the glass. A glass engineer from PPG told me that Lexus does not share the specs for its glass with aftermarket providers and that they had to reverse engineer the glass for my car. Glass places including the ones recommended by my Lexus dealer were no help although both of them seemed to think the aftermarket glass was very comparable. However, I have read the forum entries like we probably all have about wavy glass. Finally, I ran across an old friend who had been running a glass business in Houston who spent a great deal of their focus on windshield replacement and he told me that Pilkington was the manufacturer of Lexus glass and that their aftermarket product for my car was identical. He said it was very common that aftermarket Pilkington glass also had the Lexus stamp etched on it. Based upon his comments, I expressly ordered Pilkington from one of my Lexus dealer recommended installers. They seemed a bit surprised that I knew to order Pilkington (which they also referred to as LOF). They did confirm that Pilkington supplies Lexus and that their aftermarket glass for Lexas often have the Lexas etching on it, but mine did not. My windshield is as clear any of the brand new Lexus windshields I have owned and all for $210 installed. At the comparable price of the Lexus glass installed here in Dallas TX, I can have 6 more LOFs installed. I figured it was worth the gamble once I had two sources saying the same thing. Now that I see the clarity and the tint match I am sold. I also have the auto sensing wipers and that all works fine.
  2. Hey Toby do you know who makes the glass for Lexus?

  3. No more CDs! I bought the AIC-100i Auxiliary Input Adapter with Apple® iPod™ interface from VAIS Technology. The installation was pretty easy and took less than an hour. I just used the installation instructions for the satellite radio tuner Toyota part number 86100-0W100 downloaded from Toyota Lexus Service Support site to guide me through the ripping out of the center console. I put the AIC-100i unit in the open space of the console wrapped in a hand towel to eliminate rattling. Then I routed the Ipod cable to the glovebox over the top (no holes cut anywhere). So no showing wires, no loss of function. I still have both CD players working, but who needs them when you have all your CDs on the Ipod. I did have one bit of trouble with the connection staying secure in the glovebox with all the movement that can go on in a car. So I hollowed out a hardcopy book that was thicker that my Ipod in the shape of the Ipod and the connector. When the book is closed the Ipod, connector and the cable leading up to it are all secure. Since I did that I have had no connection problems at all. At first VAIS Technology said the device would only support MiniDisc text, but they have upgraded their box and now it supports CD text which many of the head units appear to support. I have Song Title and Artist or Disc name displayed on my navigation all from my Ipod Photo that sits securely in my glovebox. The unit supports up to 12 playlists and 99 songs per list and that all works fine even when more songs are used. If I advance the songs back and forth real fast I can occaisionally the unit confused and it might display the wrong data, but I figure I am pushing it with that scenario. My ES330 has the Navigation with single CD player behind the screen and the 6 CD changer in the console without Mark Levinson Audio. All in all a great solution. Mark