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  1. I am having the same issue with my 2006 GS300 which is in excellent condition otherwise. As a collector of antique furniture what it looks like on mine is that the silver backing is showing through which is marking up the mirror. I know with antique mirrors this is an issue, but didn't think silver backing was used on rearview car mirrors??
  2. Hi, Sorry went out of town. Yes cduluk that is exactly the part as you have pictured. I understand it is the headlight washer assembly which will need to be replaced as the entire unit vs. just that one piece? If correct, I can't seem to find it used anywhere! I appreciate your help!
  3. Hi, After a day of unsuccessfully searching the Internet for a part I stumbled across this site. I am hoping some one can help me locate what seems to be a part no one has for my 2006 GS300. I am not sure what it is called (as I've seen it listed a variety of ways), but can easily describe it. On the driver's side headlight there is a silver chrome trim of which only the top center portion is missing. I think it may be a portion of the headlight washer assembly which my local dealer tells me I will have to totally replace at a very high cost? Does anyone know the part name, number or a possible supplier? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!