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  1. I had a 93 ls400, came with 15 in rims. Put 16 in oems on it. Now have a 2000 ls400. bolt pattern same, but the rotors don't clear rims. I sold an extra set of 16 in on ebay, and someone sounding knowledgeable said the 16's that fit a 93 would go up to a 95 or 96, i'm not sure. I still have a set of 16in rims, good condition, that i am going to put on ebay. They have Toyo Proxes TPT 225/60/16 tires with marginal life on them (wear bars starting to show on 2 of them and not far from it on the better 2). $400 plus shipping.
  2. 4 oem wheels off a 1993 ls 400, 15 in, usual wear. $200 plus shipping.
  3. still interested? Yours for 400 plus shipping.
  4. they are on ebay. I could end auction early if you want them now.
  5. Thanks, now I've got some idea of an ebay reserve. .....unless you're interested?
  6. Selling 16 in oem rims off my father's 91 LS 400. Had them powder coated, excellent appearance grey color. Set of four. $900 obo, you pay shipping.
  7. I have 4 ls 400 16 rims, 1990, powdercoated gray like new.
  8. My fathers 90 ls400 turned 500k 3wk ago. developed ball joint probs that would require at least 2 at $600 a pop- so he traded for an ls430 with 30k. He changed the oil every 2-3k. He changed the timing belt every 100k (and water pump, since it was right there). And he drove the hell out of it. Ac went. dash lcd went. leather wore. Engine sounded a little louder (but he cant hear thunder, so he didn' notice). Had to put a rear strut on. Rust rear quarter panel. Never ever broke down except for a heater hose I replaced by the side of the road. Cheapest car he ever had. He figured Lexu
  9. I would not advise someone on a tight budget to buy a used lexus. Repairs are expensive. However, these cars consistently get highest reliability and owner satisfaction ratings in any of the casual surveys I've seen. If you feel lucky, and want a relatively safe bet, and are not afraid to spend a grand or two on those rare trips to the dealer, buy a used LS 400. I would rather dump a large repair sum in a 400 than dump it in a focus or vw. Good money after bad? Your choice.
  10. I have a 92 ls400 with same problem. happened at 80K, dealer replaced o2 sensor no prblem. Happened again at 140k, dealer replaced o2 sensor again but only worked for a day. Service mgr said carbon deposits break loose. Suggested injector cleaner so I tried Techron in a full tank. This worked for a day. Ill try it again but am concerned that it will be a reecurring problem.
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