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  1. It has 320K miles on it now, still purring like a cat.
  2. Little darker than originals but I picked the color and it was only $250 for set of four. They are not perfect since the oxidation pitting was too deep if few spots to clean out but I'm happy. Would you guess 300K miles the way she looks?
  3. Bob, I would suggest replacing your timing belt asap, unless you forgot to mention it or you're giving up on it. I have now little over 300K miles on the clock, had the wheels powder coated to bring her back to full beauty. I bought it with broken timing belt & bent valves, previous owner neglected this important maintenance item and he had to sell it when dealer quote for repair was $6,000 (new engine or repair his original). Definitely the best car I owned so far!
  4. Only 286,000 miles on my 2003, still like new going strong accept for the alloy wheels oxidation!
  5. Hi to all, I'm also new member to your forum and now owner of 03 GX470. Bought it with broken timing belt at 256K miles but in very good shape, still worth fixing. Installed used set of heads, new water pump, timing components, plugs, filters and fluids, all on my own. To my surprise, if fired up in second and runs very powerful and smooth, compare to my Mercedes ML320 (also fixer-upper with new tranny in it 3 years ago). After few days of driving, recutting the rotors and greasing both driveshafts, I am also experiencing the "clunk". First I thought that this is do to tranny downshifting to first gear, since it clunks right before comming to complete stop or just right after brake release on take off. On the top of it, I also feel the vibration ones I go over 55 mph and then it is gone pass 70 mph. I was ready to blame front tires to be out of balance. I have all the records since day one for this truck and I know non of these parts were ever replaced. How much am I looking to spend in order to fix both issues? Anyone done these repairs on their own and has latest parts list? Thanks in advance for your help. Bernard