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  1. I am hoping to find an answer to this problem also!I have been stuck working on this problem for months!!!!I am slowly starting to give up please help!!All feedback is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I connected the OBDII reader to the OBDII connector next to the fuse box. However, the OBDII reader gets the error message that it can not connect to the computer. Since it can not even connect to the car's computer, it does not have an error code for me to read. The OBDII reader works fine on other cars so the reader is in working condition. I feel your pain bro!!!I have the same problem in my 95 es300.I was at a light when my car just stalled.figured i needed gas.filled up and tried again with no luck ive replaced the fuel pump and filter,cleaned iac valve checked egr and modulator.Still no luck whats crazy is your problem is the same exact problem with mine.I know our cars can use an obd2 reader to get codes but for some reason it just says no link.The code reader will not link with the car even though ive used it a million times before. If anyone has any info on this problem please help us out!!
  3. ********Update***** Recently charged my battery to full capicity.once i installed it back into the car i tried to start it.It started up with no problems check engine light was gone due to battery being disconnected.Car sat revving at about 2300 due to a cold start.The car warmed up for about 30 seconds when the check engine light came on and the car immediately died out. Im beginning to think the computer is working because as soon as it sensed something wrong the light came on causing it to die.I tried to use the code reader a couple of times with no luck.Please help me out.I feel like im that much closer to fixing it.
  4. Thanks for your help!! I disconnected the battery for a full day so i could charge my battery on a battery charger.This morning i put the battery in and started it up.It started fine revved at about 2500 rpm from a cold start.No CHECK ENGINE LIGHT .after it ran for about 30 seconds to a min the check engine light came on then it died out like it ran a system check and something triggered the check engine light that caused the stall.I tried to use the code reader after with no luck! I dont get it!!
  5. Thanks for your reply! Honestly i just sprayed cleaner in it.The sensor on the iac looked a bit oily when i opened it so i figured i shouldn't spray it.How would you recommend doing it?
  6. @steve thank you for your advice i appreciate you taking the time to help me out!So.. i checked the air box for any cracks or missing parts with no luck.everything is fine nothing wrong with it.My next step is to clean out the MAF sensor with some Sensor Cleaner but i doubt it will help.Im pretty sure there isnt any fuel blockage since the fuel pressure checked out fine and the fuel pump and fuel filter have been replaced. This is completely driving me nuts!!I hope i find out what it is soon.
  7. I am stuck trying to figure out what is wrong with my car.Randomly stalled out at light while waiting to get gas.figured it was because of low gas.filled up then turned the key for the gas pump to fill up a few times then tried no luck.sat their for 10 mins trying to give it gas to start and checking different parts to see if i could figure out the problem.finally got the car started no gas would rev above 1000 rpm then it would die as if it had no gas or something.started it a few times this times giving it gas hoping maybe it wasn't getting enough luck it would start up if i didnt gas it during start up.then after starting i would try and rev it high but the car would die out like it wasn't receiving gas or occasionally if i accelerated at low rates it would actually rev up to about 3 or 4 before doing the same thing and dying out. Im lost and low on cash from replacing so many parts.Please help me out Lexusownersclub fam!!!! Car used to have an insufficient egr air flow code but now the obd2 tester and my car wont hoping its due to the battery completely dying and being recharged Stuff i have checked or replaced: replaced fuel filter replaced fuel pump checked egr valve by using suction technique checked egr modulator cleaned out iac valve checked fuel pressure alternator was recently replaced again im out of ideas anything will help please and thank you
  8. Ive been stuck trying to figure this out.its driving me nuts.can you or can you not fill the differential through the dipstick?PLease i would be so grateful if you could help me out.