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  1. My girlfriend has a 2015 Lexus ES 350, and she is deciding whether to drill two holes in the front bumper to install the front license plate or whether to use the tow hook plate holder. The problem with the tow hook plate is that it can trigger object detection from time to time. I have been trying to figure out where the sensors are located in the front, so I can avoid triggering the sensor. Also, it is a pain to remove the tow hook plate whenever she needs to wash the car. Even if she agrees to drilling two holes for installing the front plate, I still need to figure out where the
  2. Hi Guys, Just an update. I had to replace the rack and pinion on the LS400, and perform a four wheel alignment afterwards. The PS fluid filled up boots at both ends of the rack and pinon. After the replacement, the car runs good as new. Thanks guys for the help!
  3. Recently, I noticed that power steering has been making a ton of whining noise when I turn the steering wheel. After topping off the power steering reservoir with the Dextron ATF fluid, I checked the surrounding near the reservoir, there was no signs of leakage. With reservoir at correct level, the power steering would behave normally again. But that was short-lasted as fluid level would drop again. I ended up getting on my knee at the driver side (not passenger side), and noticed a ton of oil leak. I used my hand to touch the fluid and noticed that it is indeed the power steering fluid.
  4. We recently ran into P0121 and P0120 engine codes, and had the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor replaced, and that resolved the problem for a short while, until the car is showing the same codes again. The problem tends to happen when the oil gas level is too low (below 25%) or too high (above to 85%), and now, it is happening regardless of fuel level. So, we are thinking about replacing the TPS sensor, and seeing if the problem would go away once for all. Looking at the official Lexus repair manual, it references a lot on Lexus Hand Held Tester. Since I don't own one, what is the best w
  5. Hi guys, Can someone repost a link to the 2000 LS400? I can't believe I missed the opportunity to download until I need help :( Update: Nevermind. Found it :)
  6. I just got a $5 credit for instant movies and TV shows @amazonvideo. Click to get yours. #get5

  7. Good to know that the fix is only software. I was thinking maybe it has something to do with faulty air flow sensor to the engine.
  8. Thank you as well. The photos are very useful.
  9. The experience with Google Music and Spotify is truly night and day..., can't wait for Google Music to release native app for iOS

  10. I always wonder. Why is migrating from Windows Mail to Thunderbird is such a manual process? Thunderbird is 5.0 now too... :/

  11. Wow, interesting, I had no idea that Lexus RX series has such issues. Will keep in mind next time I am out looking for a new / certified pre-owned vehicle. While my LS400 was in routine service, I had the pleasure to drive a RX350, and I thought it was a pretty nice car for being an SUV. Of course, I am pampered by a LS, so I would pick a LS over RX any day. Still, I didn't experience much cabin noise inside a RX. Did Lexus find out the cause when you send it in for service?
  12. I love Lexus. Just like a Macbook Pro, you get it when you need it. No waiting. An earlier post does mention that Lexus is on 6 years cycle (as confirmed by Wikipedia page). I tend to find that you get the biggest bang for the buck with the best refinement when you buy a car that is towards the end of 6 years cycle. Simply because, at the beginning of each cycle, they may still need to work out some kinks (not to say that Lexus is not perfect, but any new design can have drawbacks and lessons to be learned). Thus, by buying car in later iteration, you get the refined experience. Just my 2c
  13. NodeJS just recently released 0.5.1 (unstable) with a single Windows exe file. Pretty cool if you want to try out NodeJS on Windows.

  14. Judging from your description and my past experience with a 2000 LS430, have you checked out the engine airflow sensor and see if it is defective? Sometimes, when the sensor is defective, the engine will start to vibrate as you drive, and when you press for more gas, the engine may even stop. Definitely not safe on the road, especially freeway. Get it fixed ASAP
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