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  1. I think it does come down to listening preference combined with how the material was produced and recorded. I have some CD?DVD's that I consider reference quality and others that sound like it was done a Fisher Price recorder. Play with it and you will find yourself using for some recording and not for others. One os my reference pieces is Pink Floyd Pulses DVD. It really utilizes the surround sound making the listening experience that much more enjoyable.
  2. The think that kills me is that I had a 98 GS400 since 98 and there was not a single door ding. I am going to incorporate my new parking mentor's best practices. I feel better knowing I am not the only one driving around with Limp Bizkit blasting on my Mark Levinson system. It brings back the primordial part of mankind. I would never go up to the nicest stick in the cave and smash into it and run. Didn't people stop that crap after you couldn't make crank phone calls. Thanks again for my automotive moments of Zen. You are all a great bunch of Lexus Owners
  3. I just picked up my certified 07 LS 460 2 weeks ago. Pearl with tan interior. Loaded out. Showroom CLEAN. I parked it for 15 minutes, came out and some moron hit the passenger door leaving enough black rubber to make a spare tire. The dent was deep enough to make my chest tighten up. It amazes me that someone would hit a car with paper tags still on it and take off without leaving a note. This planet's inhabitants really need to reassess what is right and wrong. So much for enjoying the new ride.
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