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  1. A wiring diagram would be phenomenal if any one has one. :)
  2. Has anyone swapped out the main 3 pin plug to a differnt style connector on an SC alternator before? I am trying to splice a 1992-94 style connector onto my 1995 SC 300 main harness so I can install a 92-94 fitment alternator.. The plug I have (that I am installing) is a round connector with the triangle stlye pin lay out, but the wire colors are totally different than the newer oval connector I have. (It might not be from a 92-94 SC Lexus originally)... The 95 main harness plug that WAS on my car has 3 lined pins (black wire w/yellow stripe, solid white wire and yellow wire w/green stripe... The oval harness plug I was given to swap to has a really thick gauge white wire comming of it with a green stripe, and two smaller guage wires (a red wire with a light blue stripe and a yellow wire with a light blue stripe) .. In short, I am not sure which wires to splice together from the factory 1995 car into the 1994 & prior style plug. I dont have a manual, so its a guessing game.. Any pictures or ideas guys???