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  1. Do you experience a noticeable drop in mileage when travelling on highways after you have winter tires installed on your RX350? And if yes, how many mpg are you losing? Thank you.
  2. Reliability of the Genesis is not better than average. While the reliability of the ES 350 is at the top of the chart (the best). It is a no-brainer for those who do not wish to spend half their lives at the dealer...
  3. And for those who are not trying to have an accident... "Extensive studies into the effect of daytime running lights on the car accident rate of an individual car show that the use of headlamps reduces crashes by around 15%." "If we look at these studies in a little more detail, the mean results show that daytime running lights reduce front or side-on collisions by 13% and rear-end collisions by 16%. Furthermore, the number of pedestrian collisions was reduced by 25%; a massive reduction in a type of collision which often results in serious personal injury." Just google it! If you really want to read more about it... U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Reports , Vol. 110 ; No. 3 ; Pg. 233; ISSN: 0033-3549 (May, 1995). In summary, although the studies of DRLs have differed in design, analysis techniques, and outcome measures, the later studies are largely in accordance with the earlier ones, indicating that the overall effect of DRLs on motor vehicle crashes is positive.
  4. And it was amazingly pleasant. After buying my 2009 RX350 last April or (May???), I went to a pure Lexus dealer for a synthetic oil change and it was a highly unplesant experience from all aspects. Today I went to the other dealer in town, a Toyota/Lexus dealer and it was a breeze. I am really impressed by their professionalism, respect and punctuality. Not to mention their affordability. Thank you Lexus/Toyota HQ for not letting one guy owns both dealerships in my town, like Audi, Benz and Volvo do. I guess those three don't believe in capitalism... (nor outstanding service). ;)
  5. A few studies were conducted and revealed that DRL reduced the number of accidents/injuries/deaths because the vehicles are more visible. OTOH, there are too many vehicles on the road, so please turn off your DRL and contribute to reducing the number of vehicles and drivers on the road ;)
  6. The Michelin Primaxy MXV4 replaces the Michelin Energy MXV4 (and MXV4+). The Energy was an excellent tire. Long lasting and very good grip on dry and wet pavement. Though sometimes noisy on some cars.
  7. After my post nine days ago, I realized that the approx. 150 oil changes I've done over the last 15 years are not on Lexus vehicles, so I concluded that my finding might not apply to Lexus. My three non-Lexus cars are European performance vehicles and I drive them very hard. Another opinion on oil is at the link below. It is worth a read. P.S. Sorry for taking long to reply, but I had not re-read this thread in many days.
  8. I always have my rx350 on the battery charger as a month can go by between usage. You didn't mention the name of the charger you are using, but I suggest you take a look at this one, I have two such chargers and they are in use 365 days a year. Read some of the reviews. Btw, this past week I changed two of the batteries in my cars. One battery was 11 years old and the other was 7 years old. I didn't really need to change the 7 year old battery, but decided to do both at the same time so I can forget it for another decade. Btw, both batteries were Kirkland (Costco) and were replaced with new Kirkland batteries. Hope it helps. P.S. I didn't put those two batteries in the garbage. I checked the 11 year old maintenance-free battery and found out that 2 of the 6 cells had lost enough acid to see the bare plates. So I added deionized water and put it on the charger. I keep them in my basement and charge them every few months. This way when there will be a power outage, I will be able to connect a power inverter to a battery and run electrical appliances. For example, my natutal gas water heater can run when connected to a power inverter attached to a car battery. I use a generator for the natural gas furnace and fridge.
  9. What you wrote is very true. I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reality check.
  10. The important point to remember is that a used luxury car might not be in a better condition than a used KIA Rio. P.S. You definitely are slightly obssessive about your cars. But there is nothing wrong with that. I also do take very good care of my cars. The proof is in the fact that my three other cars are 21, 18 and 13 years old. No car last that long unless taken care of.
  11. On my street there are two other homeowners who own Lexus vehicles. One has a RX350 (2006-2009) and it sits 365 days a year in his driveway. This past summer as temp reached 100F+ and the sun was burning, I couldn't stop thinking about the damages being done to the leather seats and felt sorry for whomever will be buying this car when it will be for sale. Another homeowner has 3 Lexus vehicles in his driveway; one 450H, one 350 and one ES350 (all 2010-2011). And as with the other homeowners, they spent the whole summer in his driveway. Yet he has a 3 car garage and doesn't seem like the kind of person who doesn't have the space for keeping them indoor. Even my 2009 RX350 which I bought a few months ago, wasn't taken care above and beyond the recommended maintenance. The service was all done at the dealer and although the use of dino oil can be asserted to a lack of knowledge from the owner, nine months could go by between oil changes. And money cannot be a factor as I know the previous owner and they live in a $2+ million house. So clearly, buying a used Lexus is no guarantee of anything. Though one could have assumed that people who own luxury vehicles would go the extra mile to take care of them.
  12. Very interesting read, thanks for the link. Maybe Lexus will get off its a** and bring innovative products to the market in response to the competition. For sure sales will go down at Lexus if they don't. There won't be many reasons to buy a Lexus IF Hyundai can get its act together and that includes the dealers and the reliability of the product. Why pay more to get less?
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