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  1. I am afraid these firmware uploads are very proprioritory. I doubt that you would be able to get them outside of Toyota or Lexus dealerships.
  2. Your best bet is to order from a Ebay seller and give them the vin # of your car, they will cut the key and provide a new key without the electronics. YOu just transfer the electronics from the broken key to the new one. Should be able to do this for under $35
  3. Never heard of them.....I have used Monroe quick struts on my Truck, but what is FCS?
  4. They are listed in the Consumers report annual book, rated well. They are in Tire rack also. Funny they are not a best seller, but rated well there also....
  5. however these are the LTX defender series. they are for suv and light trucks
  6. Ok I am committed to some Michelin LTX Defenders. Putting them on Monday the 10th as there is a $70 rebate. America Tire suggest them over the Pirelli. I have the same tire on my Ford F150 Supercrew and so far they have been excellent...Wish me luck in this continuous tire drama. And Yes I just had an alignment done (185kMiles) and toe was off front and rear. I have all new shocks, mounts, and control arms with ball joints...
  7. Ok the price is excellent, at least in my neck of the woods. That price would be for a RX with twice the mileage. As for the radiator it only cost around $100 from Part sources like RockAuto.com. Your mechanic should be able to install it for a reasonable labor charge. But you may not have an issue at all. One other thing is that maybe the Waterpump is weeping, and that is why you have lost coolant. That could be changed when the timing belt gets changed. I would buy some Toyota Red coolant add to the reservoir tank and see what happens. The RX330 has proven to be a very overall good vehicle. I would say with that mileage depreciation is not an issue, as the price is really good.
  8. hey it is a great car. if you have a trused mechanic let him do the work. until you reach 100k miles all maintenance should be oil changes, tires, etc. at 100k miles the timing belt is due, but don't panic they can go longer. Toyota will change it for around $600. at 125k miles the spark plugs are due, bUT again they will go way above that mileage (iridium plugs) some have ran them to 200k miles with no issues. other than that and routine oil changes the car should be good. I have had an rx300 with 187k miles and now a rx400h with 185k miles. this site and club lexus site are full of people that can guide you and save money. welcome aboard
  9. just go to a toyota dealership and get an oil change, brake fluid flush, and a transmission drain and fill. should be under $400. all of the other stuff listed is garbage. you probably should have the radiator flushed also, but not until you determine whether it is leaking.
  10. Sounds like a great car, the coolant could be a bad or seeping radiator, look for red residue around the top edge of radiator. I would have the transmission drained and filled, Do NOT do a flush...Other than that enjoy.
  11. Good Job Greg2111, I know locally we have a drive line shop that will take your driveshaft and rebuilt it. Probably comparable in price. The labor price I assume is in and out.
  12. Just looked up your car, and it is a toss up, here is the kit for your car https://www.amazon.com/Victory-Lap-NDS-01-Starter-Repair/dp/B000CFGRG4/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1473946196&sr=1-3&keywords=Lexus+LS400+starter+rebuild+kit That being said, a new starter (rebuilt) is not a whole lot more for your car on Amazon.
  13. The biggest task is getting the starter out...Takes tens minutes to take the starter cap off and look at the contacts. Highly suggest ordering not only the contacts, but the kit with the solenoid also as it has a contact plate on it for the other two contacts. This is what I ordered... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007FR89FY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. What happens to the starter contacts is that the solenoid which has a round contactor disk wears the two separate starter contacts. They are copper and wear, sometimes unevenly. By the way found the kit for contacts and solenoid on Amazon. Cost less than $13.
  15. Probably the Starter contacts are worn....see this http://www.nationsautoelectric.com/instructions.html now the bad news, I believe the starter is real hard to get to on your car...Maybe somebody else will reply. I thought it was toward the back of the engine under the intake manifold on your car. By the Way I just did this repair on a Toyota Camry with the denso starter and it fixed the exact problem you are describing....However do have your battery and cables checked.
  16. How did the tires that you mentioned go? I just am very unhappy with the Bridgestone Ecopia 422 tires.
  17. I believe there is a problem replacing the joint, but May I suggest looking up a local drive shaft company and get a estimate from them....They are generally cheaper and know what they are doing.
  18. Agreed most maintenance is identical except for the Hybrid coolant change. May I suggest you use alternate for service, maybe Toyota Dealership which gives coupons and pricing at a more competitive nature. I have used Toyota dealership for a hybrid cooling problem and I can say they did a great job. The Highlander Hybrid is the sister to the RX400h. So parts and labor are the same. My RX400h has 183k miles and I have found that all maintenance other than alignments, and brake bleeding are very routine.
  19. That code relates to the Transmission. Could be as simple as a clogged filter. When was the last time your Transmisson was serviced.?
  20. Welcome aboard, glad you asked on this site, kudo's to your husband...
  21. I didn't mean the filter I meant the filler cap area. Sometimes the oil flows over the valve cover and seaps down between engine and transmission.
  22. Could be, but also it could be oil spillage from the filler running down the block...Some have used Auto RX (sold online) and the seal has been brought back to life. I personally have not done this. I never had any leakage even at 187k miles on my RX300 (1999), but I kept all maintenance to the better side and used synthetic throughout the cars life.
  23. I would be more helpful if we had the code being generated for your light. VSC/engine/skid light can be triggered by many codes. Welcome aboard.